About Us


Greetings from the crew of the TOPPORN.ORG! Let us introduce ourselves: we are your ever-eager guides in the dense jungle of the online porn industry! So, take our hand and come with us, thus you can obtain relevant, actual and real information on adult entertainment sites. Our reviews are not thrown together from morsels, but they are results of hard work of researchers, surfers, analyzers and writers. We put effort in our reviews, and we always keep them (and YOU) up to date, therefore making it simply easier for you to find a site that worth time to spend at!


Well, we don’t want to brag, but we are full-time reviewers, and we are one of the best team out here. You may think we are exaggerating, but if you read some of our top reviews, and check the facts we state in them, you will see it too. We are honest and punctual, which is the biggest feature that a review needs in order to be actually helpful. We collect data like crazy, and though we only work in business hours, a review may take more than a few measly hours to be done. Since you have read this far, we want to tell you the secret of our reviews: we do them ourselves. We don’t have writers from far away countries to write the texts for us. No, we sit on our ass and do the research, the analysis and the writing ourselves. Naturally, we are not jacks of all trades, but we know our special fields better than anyone. That’s why we have a diverse team of experts, who know their trade on the highest levels… and when science falls, common sense kicks in. The process is quite long: firstly, the surfers (the Watchers on the Wall of Porn) are looking for new sites, and check what the porn-viewers are demanding (search analysis). The result of their work is the long list of sites we should review every week, with some of the hottest ones set to be priorities. As the next step, our tech-experts and analyzers are digging up information about the online presence of the chose site, just as: Page Rankings, Domain Authority, safety and WhoIs information. Meanwhile, the marketing team contacts the owners and webmasters, with the purpose of getting a pass and hot discounts for our readers. These guys and girls are real sharks, and if they get pissed off by shady dealers, they throw take the site down from the list (we do a review later, but such sites are usually not recommended). Then the testers are testing the features. Since nowadays the UX (User eXperience) is the most important, we often bring in family to tell us their impressions. So, this is the reviewing process in a nutshell. When every information is available, and we created our lists of pros and cons, we pass the material to the writers (who are journalists, philologists, and ex-teachers) and they shape them into the fine reviews you can read on the site.


We are doing well so far, but we are always on the look for new members to expand this team of talents. Currently we have tech-experts, writers and marketing sharks, and as it turned out one of our writers has degree in psychology, so we can get our brains tinkered with too for free. It’s quite fortunate that we are not similar, because without the occasional debates this job would be very boring. If you want to be a smart consumer, you should rely on our reviews, because we keep them updated, and we always get the best discounts from the best sites. This way we can save you cash, and keep our name respected. In case you need further information, feel free to contact our team.


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