1001DVDs Review

Website Overview

1001dvds is exactly what the title promises. It is a fabulous DVD movie collection of the highest quality with crispy clear images and absolutely lovely stories behind every hardcore sex scene you will see. The overall vote given by the members of this particularly interesting porn combination is very high. Give it a chance and find out what attracts so much attention.

Site’s Qualities

Searching for new and exciting ways to pleasure myself, I have come across the 1001dvds site and the first thing that got my mind into drive was the title that, without doubt, is somehow connected to the 1001 Arabian stories. Now, my over working mind was right on the fact that it is about skillfully made up scenarios and there are if you go and count them, too many movies to see in one life time and with others regularly added on a weekly basis it seems like an endless amount of streaming pleasure. Since my last visit their collection has grown and basically there seem to be only HD videos.

If you like to see into detail and you want fast and secure download, this is the place to take your pleasure from. The site is optimized for a mobile device use and it helps if you are a smartphone buff that takes its phone even to bed. The streaming is flawless too. Right now, there are few options for joining and they continue to have discounts for new members even if it is written that it is a limited option. If you suspect that straight movies and mixed couples are not to your liking, you can always take a trial tour and see if maybe there is something for you nonetheless. I think that European porn has sometimes more teasing and mind stirring qualities and I would recommend this kind of porn collection to those that like naughty stories and not only straight fucking without any story to back it up.

Chicks & Vids

It really turns out that 1001dvds is in reality a mega site that offers an incredible amount of porn for a really nice and low price. Although this doesn’t mean that the quality is low, but exactly the opposite! I love the stories where girls are fucked in the pussy and the ass later on, because they all were a bit naughty and disobedient. That way they get reproved and fucked to the point of orgasm to make them see their errant ways.

Some girls seem to like to cheat their hubbies with the mail man or a plumber. You can say that it is a classic story but there is always a spin. Most of them get their panties ripped off and shredded by the horny stallion ready to give some hard cock to the naughty girl. The scenes last more than 20 minutes so you can enjoy the whole story from the very beginning where some chicks beg to be fucked, to the very end where they get what they want, but leave with their assholes sore and dripping jizz. You better make sure you have a lot of space on your hard drive, because you will want more clips than your computer can handle.

Definitely the top membership xxx site if you like awesome hardcore stuff


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  • 1 year $19.99/month

Bottom Line

1001dvds is a place where naughty girls get what they deserve and they get it big and hard up their orifices. The chastised seem to like what they get even if they are sore afterward. All in all, this is a place to go to when you need to release your pent up lustful desires in just 20 minutes of hardcore scenes and with an interesting screenplay as well. Once you get the whole package: beautiful girls, hardcore sex and a story behind it too, you will never turn away.

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