3dAdultComics Review

Website Overview

The 3DAdultComics is a porn website, coming from the specialty types: this one offers you a selection of hardcore porn comics, but instead of the hand-drawn ones, it features 3D comics. These comics feature hard sex, interesting stories, and there is also a whole lot of juicy girls in them. The site offers some hard porn comics, and if you like imaginary porn that features girls who are just too good to be true, then you will certainly love this website. There is no actual information found on the site about the exclusivity of the content, but there are no links for would-be artists to join, so we suggest that this is mostly non-exclusive porn. It’s not as bad as it sounds at first, because there are comics and videos too, and some of them might be exclusive – and the overall size of the collection is huge, so you must see it.

Now, when it comes to the update frequency, we have to say it seems undetectable. The dates on the site shows daily updates, but sometimes the counts drop, so it might be possible that they rotate the content, or remove the oldest ones, or something like that. However, with 500+ videos and 2300+ comics and sexy pictures the 3DAdultComics is a website you should visit. As it’s a Sextronix portal, you also get a whole lot of extras: the site grants you access to a 10 selected porn site. Two of them are close to the niche represented by this portal: the HentaiDreams and the HentaiTV. These are all providing you additional specialty porn, coming from the actually drawn areas. Exciting and sexy, sometimes unique hentai videos are available on them. The rest of the bonus sites are real-life hardcore porn sites. There is a solo site with excessive sex-toys usage – the ToysInChicks, there is the PartyGirlsFlashing where hot fresh girls showing off their fine bodies. Also, you can find here a selection hardcore stuff, like the European porn videos or interracial porn. The Sextronix also has a huge DVD-archive that you can browse. These are really fine porn videos, and it’s recommended to keep them in mind when you feel you need something different than comics’ porn.

Site’s Qualities

When you open the 3DAdultComics, you will see that there are only busty cunts here, and they are doing a whole lot of juicy stuff. The tour is just a teaser, but if you take your time and explore the content full, you might come to the conclusion that this is quite interesting. The tour features about a dozen of pictures, granting you some insight on the real content. But, you are not here to enjoy the show the tour can offer you, but rather for the actual porn, that awaits you in the members’ area. The page where you land if you log in uses a simple, a bit old template. All Sextronix websites are using this, and a lot of non-related portals too. It’s probably due to the fact that it’s simple, but it has a lot of options, and it’s quite user-friendly.

The content menu is on the top: it has links to the 3D Comics, the 3D Series, the 3D Pin-Ups and to the 3D Movies. You will also find here the promotions from other sites, and the sexy Flash games. Another important menu is located on the left. It has the list of the Extras, you can revisit that last visited galleries, and in this area you can find many ways to list the content by different attributes. There is a basic search engine implemented too. Now, as the actual content is concerned, you will see that it’s really varied. The major content the site offers are the sexy comics you can browse under the appropriate menu. These are high resolution pictures, which you can download in zip format, and enjoy full-screen. You can also find some videos here. These are 3D animations, and some of them are really exciting, though expect to find mostly short few seconds long videos. But, the longer ones are fun, and they are done with care, thus they are much exciting. The flicks can be streamed and downloaded.

Chicks & Vids

So, it’s not quite easy to tell you about the “girls” of this site. Since they are made up by their artists, they are usually busty, Caucasian-looking, and they have really flexible holes. We don’t know what drove the creators of this comic, but in many cases they have gone really far from reality. Nonetheless, the picture are all HQ, and the girls on them are really gorgeous pieces. They don’t have measurable level in their profession, but they are usually taking on large cocks as pornstars do. The artists made up some fine girls, and apart from the regular chicks, you can enjoy the sexual misadventures of pirates or even super-heroines. Every comic tells a story – however don’t expect too complex story-lines, because these are adult comics, and their main purpose is to turn you on. That’s why the dialogues are always about fucking. Some of the comics look like porn movies’ concept art – they could make up to some fine porn scenes, that much is true. There are lesbian porn videos here, and you may also enjoy a fine selection straight hardcore too. The sex is always hard and consensual, so the girls are getting their fine ass and pussy fucked hard, just as they need.

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Bottom Line

The 3DAdultComics is a fine and exciting porn site, but the fact that there is hardly any actually fresh content coming makes to give it a slightly lower rating. However, the Sextronix has been in this industry for quite some time now, and we believe that fresh stuff will be added eventually. Until then, this huge collection of 3D porn will keep you busy for a time, and if you take our advice, you also check the 3D videos too, because there are some really fine pieces. You should pay attention to the bonuses also, since they make the site really worthwhile.


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