3dKink Review

Website Overview

If you still haven’t found a porn site that’s different from your same old same old. Well here it is. By now you’ve probably been bombarded with a lot of porn sites that has fancy videos and such, and finally realized that you’re looking for something different. Something unique and would be a total time killer. Not just a one-time video that would have you end up regretting for ever buying into it. This one’s here to stay. 3Dkink is a porn site like no other porn site you’ve been before. I can say that with total complete confidence because I’ve been reviewing thousands of site, and for the first time, a porn site with features like this left me totally awestruck. Not joking here fellas. T

his site has done something totally insane but it works. I don’t know how much work the developers had with this site but it’s pretty damn awesome. I bet finding a site like this would be as rare as catching your teacher fucking your colleague. So before we dive in head first, let me fill you in on some crucial information. This site is not gonna be reality porn. It’s full of sexy hot 3D girls that are well refined and designed to be as seductive and hot enough to burn your fantasia eyes out. So make sure you don’t get into the water with real live porn in mind because you’ll only be disappointed. But if you’ve been daydreaming of fucking girls from 3D movies or the ones in your dreams, well this site will pose no disappointment for your sir. Well, hope you’re ready to get wet, because here we go.

Site’s Qualities

Inside the domain of this genuine site, you’ll be sensing a dungeon feel all over the place because of this eerie yet exciting color theme of black and red. The site has been thoroughly designed all through out and the thumbnails has been well arranged with just the right amount of space from each other. As you have noticed, if you’ve visited the homepage already, there are a lot of descriptions as to how the site works and what the site contains. You can see all these in the homepage but what you would probably notice in the very middle of the homepage is this preview video that is featuring some awesome stuff like 3D girls playing with dildos or girl getting tied up in a chair and about to be fucked in missionary, and even two girls that are about to do some dildo fucking. Now you might be thinking “how on earth am I gonna make my girls do this?!” well it might not be that complicated as you think. Also, if you’re up for more previewing and samples, you can check out the gallery page. In there you will see the member’s work of art. It is loaded with these screen captured images that are just stunning. Just seeing the possibilities of what you can do just gets fans more and more excited, and I mean, who wouldn’t right?

Now let’s start customizing. If you’ve played some RPG games before or played a Sims game, then this customization would be no stranger to you because this game is centered on giving you full customizing abilities to make sure your girl will look exactly how you pictured her on your mind. Her eyes, her lips, her hairstyle, her breast, her body size and shape, her butt and even her vagina. Each physical element will affect her sexual performance and reactions. Also, you get to decide how she will sound like, and there are just a vast number of options for you to choose from. This is how big of a freedom you will get from this website. Now if you’re finished with that part, you can now go on and do exactly what you’ve pictured out doing to her in your mind. Let’s say you dressed her up in an Anime style costume and you’d want to fuck her in the moon or in a hotel or something, those are totally possible. Every hot sizzling idea you can think of will be presented perfectly and you will surely get that hardcore hot and sexy scene with here as many times as you want! Now before you go blasting off and create your own sex slave, put in mind that you are not alone in this site. In the Forums corner, you’ll be interacting with a whole community of artists and porn lovers in this site, giving each other’s some suggestions, comments, compliments or whatever, but what really matters here is that the developers themselves are active in the forums as well, so if you’ve got something to say, like a suggestion for a new costume perhaps, then you can let it out in the forums.

Chicks & Vids

One thing that’s really hard to ignore is the talent of the voice actors in this website. I would not be surprised if the voice actors were fucking behind those mics because the sounds they produce are just phenomenal. Really big points there on making your sex slave more attractive and hot while you fuck her on POV. The animations and graphics are nothing to worry about too. The skin was so neatly designed that you can even spot some cum shining on their skin after you’re done with her. Blending all these elements together just gives members those satisfying cumming moments, if you know what I mean.

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Bottom Line

As far as I can tell, 3Dkink has given the members a ride they would surely not forget, and would surely keep them coming back for more. I can’t imagine a member walking away from a 3D sex slave they’ve created with their own hands. 3Dkink has reached the top of my list when it comes to unique and intimate porn. I would highly recommend this for porn lovers who are looking for something new and exotic in porn. It’s an easy 5 star from me!


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