AfricanLesbians Review

Website Overview

If you like African sex flavor in your porn entertainment, but the nearest you have come to enjoy it is by watching the Black American performances, it’s time to catch up with the real thing about AfricanLesbians. There are many videos offered for your enjoyment. The sex action is spontaneous, natural and steamy. Visiting AfricanLesbians may well be as good as subscribing. It’s hard to resist these models.

Site’s Qualities

AfricanLesbians presents users with a modest but effective set of navigation options. The home page is filled with screencaps that give you an idea of what ensues in the scenes. I could also scroll down the page to select what I wished to sample. The tagged captions also lead to the main entertainment. If you have some time on you, you can still sift through the pages and check out what you wish.

I was impressed with the provision that allows users to rate the scenes. That last one is an interactive model that works for a lot of business outfits. Mobile phone users can also sample the content on their devices. I could check out my favorite videos straight from my modest mobile device. The tweak allows you to sample all content and access all the features that you get on PC.

The site loads impressively fast. I didn’t have to wait for long before the content came splashing on the home page. I didn’t see any bonus offers but the amount of content and the quality of amateur entertainment cancel the need for any extras in the form of bonuses. There is a regular update schedule on AfricanLesbians. I noticed an update after every few days. Users can stream and download content as much as they wish. There is no restriction to the number of movies you can download. I only wish they could add more sparkle to the platform. Yet again, since it’s an amateur site, one can understand the need for simplicity.

Chicks & Vids

AfricanLesbians presents you with raw porn entertainment like you have never experienced. Forget the stage stunts and rehearsed scenes on other sites. You are treated to real African lesbian couples in flicks and photos that will make you wet your pants before you know it. AfricanLesbians focuses on sex adventures by girls on girls. It is a collection of movies that focus on girls getting down in steamy encounters with other girls.

Now, don’t get me wrong. These are not your usual black American girls in porn. You have a pure collection of African models entertainment shot in Africa. Everything is authentically African on African Lesbians. I enjoyed the scenes that present girls sucking at each other’s nipples, caressing their partners, humping, or playing with sex toys. I loved watching the girls getting down with each other in bedrooms, living rooms and even at the office. The videos exude a natural feeling that makes you to easily identify with the models.

Check out the juicy bums vibrating and shaking as girls suck each other’s cherries. The videos are also impressively shot, given that these are amateur scenes done by different people in varying locations. There are over 50 videos to sample on African Lesbians. Each of the scenes plays for an average of 25 to 30 minutes. I could sample the videos with my MP4, WMV and HTML5. If you love to watch your porn in still form, there are over 50 galleries with impressive quality pics.

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Bottom Line

AfricanLesbians is the authentic porn destination for fans with a craving for something authentic and exclusive. The user interface is decent and equally functional and effective. If you wish to check out gorgeous African women still in the prime of their sex life, eating pussy and moaning at the peak of their voice in lesbian pleasure, AfricanLesbians is a clever choice. There is a consistent focus on African lesbian sex too.


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  • 3 months $19.98/month
  • 6 months $15.83/month

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