AfricanSexSlaves Review

Website Overview

Better brace yourself for some serious domination of AfricanSexSlaves, since it is just about to give you that. AfricanSexSlaves is a porn site that truly goes out to deliver content that can rarely be seen anywhere else, and they don’t think twice before they delve into areas others don’t.

Site’s Qualities

This site’s layout is more than basic and it offers you all the primary options while you browse through it, so you’ll automatically know where to go once you’re in. Thumbnails are in the same of many other sites and serve their intended purpose, to display hardcore action you can rarely see on the web. The visuals are simplistic and don’t rely on much of color or other fancy presentation stuff, but the site seems to merely rely on its content to drag you in.

Other than some parts like the header, the visuals don’t appear to be very eminent on this site and most of the times either they aren’t there or aren’t visible. Navigation is done through all the main channels you can desire like the search bar, categories or you can search manually through it. All navigation options function properly and won’t present a bother while you try to make your way around the site. The mobile site is friendly and will allow you to view it on your mobile devices.

Chicks & Vids

Not a lot needs to be said about the kind of action that is stored here on the AfricanSexSlaves as the name more than does a good job at the description of the kind of action you can find here. But let us sum it up anyway, this isn’t a light site and you can tell that from the name itself, but here you will get only the most hardcore content you can find on the web.

AfricanSexSlaves brings you black chicks and lot of domination plays. All girls that participate here are amateurs, some of them are, to quote the site, ‘in training’ so you won’t find much porn-star material here. But with the scenes being so rough, you won’t actually mind the absence of some better-known chicks and settle for these expendable, inexperienced ones.

The length of the videos is somewhere around half an hour and that is quite a surprise given all the things these girls actually have to go through. But the average still remains of that 25-30 minutes length. Videos are not shot professionally they mostly makeshift videos that are in a bigger number of cases shot outside. Other than that, the quality doesn’t vary much and it is obvious that the work was not amateur, but some more budget wouldn’t hurt the camera crew. But they do seem to manage quite decently.

The video quality here is amazing, mostly in 720p MP4, 480p MP4, and WMV. HTML5 is the player that streams once you are inside the browser and the previous formats are all formats in which you can either view or download the chosen videos. There is currently around 50 videos hosted on this site, perhaps a not big number, but given their choice of the niche, they fill it does not come as a surprise. Also around the same number of fetishist galleries are present, 50. If you chose to join you can do so, choosing a membership plan for 30 days, 90 days or 180 days.

Definitely the nicest premium adult site with top notch porn scenes

Bottom Line

When it comes to the most hardcore of the most hardcore websites you can find out there on the web, you should turn to AfricanSexSlaves as it truly hosts some material you have never seen before. Usually what we are presented with on other sites doesn’t even come close to the material on this one, so this is an offer that is for all those among you that enjoy some BDSM and black chicks.


  • 1 month $28.95
  • 3 months $23.32/month
  • 1 year $7.91/month

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