AlexaGrace Review

Website Overview

A glamour model opens the door to her photo shoots and videos and invites us all to take a look at her gorgeous and sexy body. AlexaGrace’s site is just as beautiful as she is: classy and hot at the same time. For those looking for something different than the usual hardcore websites, and prefer to enjoy the view of an amazing woman in lingerie or stripping, Alexa’s site is the perfect place.

Site’s Qualities

When you browse through AlexaGrace’s site one word comes to mind: class. The design is top notch, simple and elegant, made to match the beauty that is this UK model. The white background and all the pink details give the design a good feminine vibe that combines perfectly with the idea of the site. A full page banner with a video and some images welcome you to her site. On top of that, you have all the links you need to navigate easily on the site.

If you scroll down you can read a short bio written by Alexa and even a 4-minute video that works as a sneak peak of what the site has to offer. There are two ways to navigate the page. Since it’s made a full scroll-down page, you can just go down and see everything there is, or you can use the buttons on top that will take you directly to every section. Whichever way you chose works very well, it’s simple and fast. Every time you put your mouse on a picture or video you can see the title and the date so it gives you an idea of what to expect.

There are two sections with text, Alexa’s bio and a message about the site – that are no bother at all if you are scrolling down because they encompass well with the design, and you can easily skip it. At the bottom of the page, you can check out all the network’s sites and Alexa’s own Twitter feed. The mobile version is superb, fast and as well designed as the site. You can scroll down or choose the menu that opens on top.

Chicks & Vids

With her blond hair, 5’4” height and 30F breasts, Alexa has everything to drown you to her site. Her pictures are gorgeous, totally elegant and delicate. Since she promotes herself as a “Glamour model” you won’t see any trashy hardcore videos or photographs. Everything on the site is dedicated to showcasing the sexy and erotic body Alexa has. Most of the pictures are of her using sexy or casual lingerie and the videos usually involve stripping.

There are around 10 videos, and some backstage takes too for you to enjoy. All done in an HD quality, mp4 format, and available to download. The picture gallery has about 7 galleries with over 100 pictures each and they make the center of the site. However, you can also find a section called “Alexa’s selfies” with a lot of other images the model took of herself wearing revealing clothes. Every photo shoot and video have a professional quality and you can tell it’s been very carefully done by people who know what they’re doing.

Alexa’s beauty comes is display in full on every shot. While the images can also be downloaded into zip files, you should take into account the fact that there’s a download limit of about 40gb per day. This is a fairly high limit but since most of the sites don’t have a limit, I don’t think this is the best idea. Of course, since this is Alexa’s official web page, all of the content is made exclusively.

The weak point of the site is that the latest update is from 2015 and the newest video showcased is not even Alexa’s. It would be good if it had an update soon so you can know what this model has been up to. If you want to join Alexa’s site and see her in the full splendor of her high heels and short skirts, you can choose between 4 different memberships: two recurring ones (1 or 3 months), and two non-recurring (6 or 12 months). While these aren’t the cheapest subscriptions you can find out there, they come with the bonus of letting you join the full network of 14 sites all belonging to glamour models. All the girls and their styles are very different so you can find everything you like on them.

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Bottom Line

Alexa’s site has everything to appeal to those looking for classier yet raunchy videos and pictures. The site could use an update on the content for sure, but all things considered, it delivers what it promises: a window into this glamour UK model’s life. The design and the quality of the images are the strong points of the page, and the exclusive content together with the network might make the idea of a subscription worthwhile.


  • 1 month $28.96
  • 3 months $74.88
  • 6 months $131.76
  • 1 year $200.00

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