AsianHotBunnies Review

Website Overview

AsianHotBunnies is, as the name suggests, all about gorgeous, sexy and fun girls who are willing to take hard cocks down their throats to the point where they are left gagging. The primary niche for AsianHotBunnies is Asian girls whereas the secondary niche focuses on porn with a particular emphasis on hardcore sex. It is pretty impressive what these girls love to do and how they do it, taking a rock hard cock, deep throating it and sucking it like their last breath depended on it. These girls on the site are well versed with the skill and expertise so required to blow your mind.

Site’s Qualities

The site features a very pretty design that is both simple and modern. I commend the webmaster for the design as well as all the handy work that went into coming up with this site. The site stands out from the rest. Even though the site has been in existence for a number of years, the amazing eye catchy color is on point and in tune with this generation.

Accessing AsianHotBunnies was a walk in the park if I should say so. There were ease and efficiency in the whole process. The inclusion of certain menus and icons is a lovely feature that has made navigating through the site a simple process. Even with all these, the site has gone further to ensure their members enjoy to the fullest. Being part of a mega network has enabled the site feature bonus sites with membership. Some of the sites include Sexy Fair, Movie Pass, Amateur18 and more. You can, therefore, see how much fun it is being part of this site. The inclusion of a live page would make the site the complete package. As such, the webmasters should consider this option because the best porn, as they say, is live porn.

Chicks & Vids

At the moment I was checking out the site, it had around 100 plus models. Most of these models are from Asia. Particularly, these models were predominantly Asian. Some of these models are known by the single stage name that they go by. They include; Elektra, Samantha, Peggy, Crissy, and Tiffany just but mentioning a few.

My best model in the site is Abby. She is a slender girl who likes wearing gorgeous lingerie. She is blonde and loves wearing her hair above her shoulders. In a certain video she features in, she is eating a cock like it is the only thing she knows to do. The speed at which the scene escalates from when they meet to when she is on her knees eating his cock is crazy.

The site has a good number of photos and videos. Right now, the site has 373 plus videos which run for around 20 minutes each. These videos are of high quality, you can also enlarge them to get the best view of the rocking scenes in the site. Another plus that I love is the fact that the videos can be rated, you can comment and also they can be put in a favorite folder. The videos can be streamed online and watched through an embedded flash player or they can also be downloading depending on what you desire.

Definitely the finest paid adult website proposing awesome Asian content

Bottom Line

AsianHotBunnies totally satisfies my sexual needs. The site updates regularly and I can proudly say that the last update was done today. The 71 bonus sites have effectively covered the flaws of the site, though. I like the originality in the content as well as the fact that it cannot be found anywhere else. With all this, I recommend the site.


  • 1 month $29.95
  • 3 months $49.95
  • 6 months $89.95

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