AsiansBondage Review

Website Overview

You might have already guessed that AsiansBondage has something to do with submission and domination. However, you might never really come to grips with the extent of the type of BDSM that ensues on this porn platform; also referred to as Hardcore Punishments. You are treated with hardcore sex entertainment with no censorship as happens on most Japanese porn sites. All the flicks come in full HD form.

Site’s Qualities

The home page of the platform provides varied content access and navigation options. Users can click on content tags and sail to the movie zone, or scroll down the pages to select what they wish to sample. I was impressed to learn that all the content on AsiansBondage is exclusive. This aspect is a real critical quality in porn entertainment; as far as value for money is concerned. No one wants to spend cash on content they can find everywhere.

AsiansBondage is, by default, a technically optimized platform. This feature can also be observed in its content. There are many ways to browse the entertainment scenes provided. I noticed the model index that gives you a brief description of the ensuing action and allows you to follow scenes on the basis of the model you choose. I could also opt to go for the BDSM scenes with sex toys  or settle for the scenes in which stimulation is partly human-induced.

The website loads impressively fast. Mobile device users can also sample the content on their devices. The streaming and downloading are just as effective and smooth on mobile as it is on PC. In fact, little is lost when checking out content on mobile devices. It is a real mobile-friendly platform that allows you to access your favorite BDSM scenes while on the go. You do not have to sit on the couch at home for you to enjoy the entertainment offered on AsianBondage.

There is a regular update that ensures that users get fresh content. I noticed that there were two updates of the site content every week. I could also stream and download content as much as I wished on AsianBondage. Users have the liberty to join any of the several plans offered. There is a monthly renewable plan, a three months plan, and even an annual subscription. All the videos I checked out were in full HD.

Chicks & Vids

If you have been viewing some form of BDSM on other platforms, and wish to take your BDSM fetish a notch higher, it is hard to think of any other site apart from AsiansBondage. I’m not given to this type of porn but I must admit that if fans derive pleasure from rare stunts of stimulation and innovative hardcore scenes, I was treated to one of the most intense BDSM I have ever ventured to watch.

The girls are gorgeous and tender. The masters are as hard as they get. There is a variety of approaches applied for your sexual stimulation. I noticed that the girls are submissive and go an extra mile to impress their masters. They are tied up with ropes all over their bodies and subdued. There is lashing and spanking when the masters think the cuties are a little hesitant to submit. You catch up with a lot of nudity and genital display close to the camera.

One of the outstanding aspects of AsiansBondage, as opposed to other Japanese porn sites, is that nothing is censored. Catch up with scenes that feature the models being subjected to all manner of electric stimulation. Some scenes feature hotties in slaving situations; being stimulated beyond the ordinary by a range of gadgets including dildos, vibrators and much more. The camera work is expertly handled. There are over 1500 videos. Each flick plays for 28 minutes on average. Formats include WMV, MPEG, and Flash. You also have about 200 galleries.

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Bottom Line

AsiansBondage is BDSM at its best. It is a unique submission and domination porn platform that makes use of technology to have the girls to orgasm several times without human intervention. The videos come in full HD. The user interface is faultless too.


  • 2 days $4.95
  • 1 month $29.95
  • 3 months $59.95
  • 6 months $89.95

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