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Website Overview

Imagine this. A girlfriend decides to break up with her guy just because she finally got bored. Guy cries and asks her to come back. The girl was resilient, refuses, and moves on with her life. The friends find the guy pathetic. He is found to be quite a pity to see. Everyone thinks the guy loses. But they were wrong. This was the point where the guy finally takes revenge and reveals from his secret sex stash all the hidden sex videos that he took to his girlfriend. The videos contain all the nasty and the most shocking things the girl did for the guy. He decides to upload them and soon turned the tables around. The ex-girlfriend was soon in an online frenzy as her face was revealed and exposed in BadExGFs. So there you go. You’d pretty much have an idea as to what this site is all about. BadExGFs is the best porn site for ex-boyfriends to expose their slutty and horny ex-girlfriends in action. These guys might be found in an embarrassing situation in which they were found to literally beg for the girl’s love. But they get even when they will reveal to the world how his girl begged for him to cum inside her vagina – something that is found to be quite as embarrassing and undignified for a girl who thinks her guy can’t live without her. Once you access the site, you would be able to find a good number of amateur videos which features nasty and bad girlfriends begging to be fucked in every hole in her body. Whether it’s the mouth, cunt or the ass, you’d sure to find how these ex-girlfriends just can’t live with some good amount of dick fucking. The content of this web basically contains amateur videos that are considered to be highly engaging and very stimulating. You’ll see here all the excitement and sizzling videos of untamed girlfriends obtaining cum from boyfriend and you’d witness them moaning and screaming in pleasure. Everything here is user-submitted and may be considered to be authentic and real as they come from boyfriends who got dumped. There is a lot of satisfaction here in the videos and everyone would also moan in pleasure while watching all the videos and images here.

Site’s Qualities

The overall layout of the site is considered to be engaging as well. Just by seeing on the home page of the site, there are already a good number of extremely attractive girls who are rammed by guys in different positions. The user interface of the site is very accessible and that even visitors find out how easy it is to navigate all throughout the site. Furthermore, there are additional sites that are connected or affiliated with BadExGFs and are also usually being featured here on the site. Rest assured that the scroll and navigation settings of these sites are highly user-friendly as well. There is a catchy layout of the site as the videos and photos which are featured here may easily be seen and viewed with just a click away. The streaming speed of the videos on this site is average. In fact, one has to ensure that the internet connection in your home can accommodate such video streaming so that you will be able to watch them without buffering interruptions. The length and the plot of these videos are very stimulating that you just can’t stop watching them until it ends.

Chicks & Vids

You can tell how slutty the girls here just by checking out how good and well experienced they are in pleasing their partner. On the outside, they are just really your regular and average girls who used to be in love with their guy. But since not all women are able to keep up with lasting commitments, they decide to get adventurous and finds other boys leaving their boyfriend to be out of the loop. There is an amount of good twist in these movies as surely after those scenes, these women may get to be fucked by new guys. Since they’re not actual porn stars, you’ll be able to feel that sort of pleasure knowing that after such fucking sex scenes, they will be in it from the greatest shame of their lives as their faces will be shown in cunt and live on this porn site BadExGFs. As mentioned, the usual length of these videos is highly favored by the viewers because they are just enough for them to be aroused in pleasure. They don’t intend to tease you while at the beginning of the scenes, it has some teasing element. But overall, the videos here are utterly satisfying and very delicious. Samantha is your usual cute and nerd chick. She actually begs the sex as she starts the foreplay process. The guy is willing enough to respond. It may be all too erotic and softcore at first. Later, it develops into something wild and nasty. The girl gets all the impact and anal penetration more than what she asks for. It was intense and you could even say it’s delicious. But surely, the guy here was satisfied throughout the whole thing.

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Bottom Line

Girlfriends, beware. Just because they’re guys doesn’t mean they will let you go as easily as you think. Do you think they will just let you go off the hook like that? Better think twice. There is a reality element in the site BadExGFs which makes the site to be quite promising as becoming one of the most popular porn reality site online. You can get some fierce and erotic action here. There are some great features as well, in which you can find guys venting out their hatred and frustrations over their ex-girlfriends. True enough, this is the best form of disgrace that a guy may be able to do for the girlfriend who has dumped them. They may actually look like amateur videos. But they have the best scenes and the perfect video angles.


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