BarebackSheBang Review

Website Overview

The GunzBlazing studio has done it again and just as expected, the network has come out with guns blazing by unveiling a porn site that would not only bring entertainment to the maximum but also tap into a common adult niche uncommonly well. The shemale and trannie genre is not new but the network has tried to stand out. When watching porn action, if the show is not good enough, you will not want to watch it again. This is a deal breaker as far as porn entertainment is concerned, therefore, BarebackSheBang did not second guess the quality of its content. You are guaranteed of enjoying top notch scenes at all times. Every flick will have you at the edge of your seat because this is a site that clearly proves how much your viewing pleasure matters. GunzBlazing has a good reputation because it only affiliates itself with the best. You will love every moment of the hot strippers posing and stripteasing for you. However, they do not tease much, they get right into the action. The possibility of good entertainment is endless and this is clearly reflected on the pages of this site. You haven’t seen good entertainment yet until you have watched the strippers on BarebackSheBang getting down. Bodies are flying up in the air, cocks are hard and buttholes are getting the discipline that they deserve. The site also stands out because its performers are a mix of white trannies and Latinas who bring the spice into every scene. You are probably reading this review because you cannot get enough of good sex. Thankfully, sites like BarebackShebang were put in place to ensure that you never run out of flicks to watch. The site has 76 videos that are offered in different viewing formats. While this may not be a mega site, you will still get bonus access to three other shemale sites that will give you great content at all times. The sexual encounters are condom-free and this makes the action raw and much more enjoyable. Just like the site’s performers have no barriers, BarebackShebang also ensure that its members receive limitless viewing potential. The flicks are exclusive and hardcore, definitely not meant for the faint at heart. You will not only enjoy bareback sex but also hair pulling, lip biting, rough handling and more licks than you care to count. All the movies on the site are of high quality but you will notice that older and newer movies differ in the level of resolution. With an average of 20 minutes of action, you will certainly get what you signed up for. The site also has picture sets that are accolades of the porn stars at work. On the gallery, you will enjoy them at different sexual poses and watch them captured in the most compromising moves. BarebackSheBang is the whole package, it does not fall short of anything. If you love variety, then this is the site for you. The action is not only girl/guy sexual encounters but there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy threesomes, foursomes, and simple toy play. It is up to you to pick and decide what excites you more than the other.

Site’s Qualities

BarebackSheBang is a well-designed that gives you all that you need in one glance. On the members’ area, you will see the categories and the movie previews that made you sign up as a new member of the site. The scenes do not have any dates, therefore, it is challenging to know what is new and what was previously updated. It is clear that the current update schedule is a little slow because only a few scenes have been added to the site over a long period of time. The movies can be streamed in a flash player or downloaded in WMV and MP4 format. The choice of resolution depends on the option that you go for. Some of the scenes have a standard soundtrack. Although I found this annoying at times as I do not like any music on my porn, this may work for you. After all, different strokes for different folks. The images are arranged systematically and are divided into hardcore and solo sets. You are at liberty to choose what you desire. There is also a slideshow option that allows you to take a quick sneak peak of what the gallery has to offer.

Chicks & Vids

The shemales on BarebackSheBang have hot big cocks that are striving for pleasure. They are amateurs who have fucking skills that they should be proud of. The site has ensured that it mixed up the girls to cater to different preferences. Those who love the slender girls with big boobs and those who appreciate some curves will all find them here. Your days and nights will never be the same again as you watch them in action. The girls love getting their buttholes boinked and this will make for many epic sexual encounters. They make the most of both the indoors and the outdoors as the action could take place anywhere from a comfortable couch to the green grass. When they fuck or get fucked, you will not be able to contain yourself especially as they stroke their cocks. These girls have the best of both world and then again you envy how lucky they are to have fulfilling sexual experiences at all times. You will definitely take a page out of their handbook because they are highly skilled when it comes to sitting on cocks, humping and surrendering to all their sexual desires. You can hardly tell that these girls are amateurs because they conduct themselves like professionals.

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Bottom Line

BarebackSheBang is a fun site that has a lot to discover. You will get to enjoy new sexual moves that you have never seen on set before. The content does not suffer for quality and it is easy to download at all times. This site is truly one of a kind.


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