BoyNapped Review

Website Overview

The Boynapped is a viral, regularly updated gay porn site, which grants the members a collection of heavy hardcore gay porn videos. These scenes come from the old kingdom of Britain, and they feature some genuine and really hot British twinks. The site’s name is a made-up word, which tells a bit about what you can expect in the videos: the guys get captured, and they have to go through a nasty BDSM session… which they seem to enjoy pretty much. This site is one of those gay sites, which cover heavy niches, but updates regularly, and offers the members a big compilation. The Boynapped launched in 2008, so it’s eight years old nowadays, and it has been updating on a really frequent basis. You will find here nearly 500 hardcore porn videos, which with their length averaging at 30 minutes can keep you busy for a very long time. Fortunately, the update schedule is strictly kept, and there are always new flicks added – the content is not rotated like on so many sites. If you enjoy watching hardcore gay porn, you will surely appreciate the main extra feature the membership has: an access to more gay porn on bonus sites. These included pages offer more gay sex from Britain, and they cover softer niches than the Boynapped. As you will see, there are nine sites included, and you can enjoy some really hot studio porn on them, just as juicy home-made scenes too. The Boynapped and the included sites all offer you exclusive content, made only with the sole purpose of adding them to these sites’ collection. As far as we could detect, the scenes here are not available on DVDs.

Site’s Qualities

As all sites in this network-like series of twink-sites, the Boynapped lets you take a good look into the content by watching the trailers of the chosen scenes. These flicks are not long, but they give you the overall picture to make you want to get inside. The registration is easy, and after a minute or so, you may jump straight for the dirty porn of this site. The members’ zone has a dark color theme, and there are some ads throughout the page, but they are not as annoying as on many other sites. There is a search engine, also the content is tagged, and the tags may also serve as filtering methods. A models’ list is also available. When you go to the videos’ menu, you can see it’s a dropdown – from the list, you can select the site which videos’ you want to browse. If you find something you like or you want to watch later, add it to your favorites list. The site offers the regular options to play the videos: in your browser, or after downloading. Both methods are quite good, and if you like high quality porn, either of these options is recommended, you can get nearly the same quality, which maxes out in Full-HD. Photos, video captions are available.

Guys & Vids

The Boynapped is a quite a hard porn site, where the videos are in good quality and they feature some heavy, intense porn. In case you are tired of those sites that feature plain hardcore gay porn, without any kinky in it, you are at the right place, because these videos are heavy and quite nasty. As you browse through the site, you will probably notice that in most cases, the guys are twinks. These lads are barely entered the age in which they are considered as adults, but they jumped right into the middle of gay pornography. As far as we could depict, the boys on the BoyNapped are all British ones, and though you might expect gentlemen, you get here some real bastards fucking and get fucked by other bastardly boy-cunts. There are some older men too, so you can get here some perv-looking old guy doing nasty, and sometimes quite outrageous things with these not-so-innocent boys. All models of the site are Caucasians, and as far as they confessed, they are all gay, no bi-curious guys are featured in here. If you like these hot, tight-bodied lads, you can find them on other sites of the network, and they are quite active, so you can get lots of jerking-material scenes from them. Every video you can enjoy on this site features hardcore sex. These guys are getting on with the nasty porn really soon, and they certainly seem to enjoy it. All of the movies follow the same line: the guys are captured, tied up and fucked hard, then left behind with a gaping, cum-covered ass. Between the intro and the end-credits, you can enjoy heavy hardcore porn, with quite glamorous hot guys. The site provides the audience a neat compilation of hardcore porn, and while these guys are fucking each other, you will feel your pant-snake grow harder and harder. There is always one boy who dominates over the other, while the sub has no other task than standing the siege of his dominator. Most videos feature one or another way to make the lads unable to move, so there are ropes, tapes and all kind of stuff in use (some chains too) and these twinks can’t do anything about it. Though the videos are staged, and in most cases they are controlled, you can find some quite rough intercourses in there, so be ready to see some nasty things… after all, it’s a gay, twink-focused BDSM porn site.

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Bottom Line

Since it’s a heavy hardcore site, we recommend it only for those who like this kind of stuff. The guys sometimes are hung like ham in the larder, while the other makes them hard or fuck them in the ass. Though it’s BDSM porn, it’s not so shady, and the stage is always well lit, and though the basic nature of the videos is heavy, you won’t feel bad about watching and enjoying it. As you may already know, the Boynapped is part of a larger network, which focuses on providing more amazing gay porn with hot twinks from Europe, and from other parts of the world.


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