BrutalX Review

Website Overview

BrutalX is the best-scripted hardcore porn site with sizzling sex encounters that will leave you horny, hot and drooling for more. You are treated to a broad range of sex action that features dudes that have clashed with their women, but make up in the best classic fashion through stimulating raunchy sex. The videos come in, well not HD, it’s Ultra HD specs that will not only impress but also stun you.

Site’s Qualities

BrutalX sports a modern and trendy design with many access and navigation options provided for you to enjoy the entertainment provided. The site offers users a list of tagged images spread all over the home page for users to click and jump into the heart of the action. There is a drop down menu that also shows you the sites that you can access with a subscription to BrutalX.

Some of the network sites you might want to try out include Fucking Glasses, Disgrace that Bitch, She’s Nerdy, Massage X, Spy POV, Make Him Cuckold, Tricky Agent, Trick Your GF among others. I could click on any of these sites and check out the entertainment provided with my primary subscription to BrutalX. The site allows users to stream and download content without limit. BrutalX is an Ultra HD porn site with the best quality of both videos and photos I have ever experienced on internet porn. I suspect you might never have experienced anything so crisp clear too.

Chicks & Vids

Well, the girls are hot, sexy and very attractive. The content is scripted to make it more convincing and natural. Most of the scenes feature dudes who have been worked up by their girlfriends or hubbies. The dudes decide to seek pay back through some hardcore sex that seems to just get over the roof. I mean, they love to screw the girls so hard that they begin to make up while the cock is still stuck up their pussy or asshole. Most of the performances are based on fantasies the dudes are said to have been holding for a long time.

They find the perfect opportunity to realize them when they cross with their female partners. It is interesting to see that the girls soon begin to enjoy the hardcore encounters to their max after the dudes go flat out to screw them with all their skill and vigor. You are also treated to many scenes featuring dudes and their step-sisters in raunchy sex encounters. It is an interesting script that turns blue feelings into pink to stretch sex to the nirvana heights.

You will love the facials and blowjobs that are presented in these hardcore scenes. Each of the scenes provided on the site ends with a question and answer session in which the partners who had been fucking are asked to confirm whether the sex was consensual and, indeed, they do. It is a rare inclusion in such content. The sex is spontaneous and rather rough. You are treated to scenes in which the dudes tear off the girls’ clothes and insert their rock-hard cocks deep and hard into their pussy holes and asshole. They squeeze and fold the girls with vigor, and make them submit to the power of the cock with pleasure. There are over 30 movies to sample on the site. Each movie plays for an average of 20 minutes.

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Bottom Line

If you have a liking for hardcore sex featuring dudes endowed with massive cocks, and a score to settle with their girlfriends, you are best placed checking out the hot sex on BrutalX. I was also impressed with the simplicity of the site’s design. The videos come with the best quality you can ever get.


  • 1 day $1.95
  • 1 month $29.95
  • 3 months $49.95
  • 1 year $119.95

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