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We all know of a hero called Batman who is trained for combat with his genius intellect in the quandary for fighting against the injustice and crime. But some real life heroes are being introduced by Buttman who has massive cocks which are trained for grabbing and fucking tight anuses and wet pussies in the journey of search for orgasms. Buttman has proved that there are certainly other ways by which you can pleasure yourself rather than watching regular blowjobs and pussy fucking videos. Anal sex is being popular as the days are passing but some people still think that the classical porn is better, they say so because they have not tried anal sex yet. Results of sex scientists’ years of research prove that the peak of pleasure and orgasm can be achieved by anal sex. Buttman is the pure home of anal hardcore sex for the last 25 years. Anal sex’s best advantage along with other various benefits is that it doubles the orgasm satisfaction but still it is adapted or experienced by only half of the world. Buttman provides world’s greatest experiences of anal sex which someone could hardly even imagine. This very website is directed by the godfather and king of the gonzo hardcore porno, John Buttman Staglino who really made this website as creative and user-friendly as it ever can be. Staglino is one of the most talented and successful United States’ porn actors who always provided his fans the best experience of watching porn. Along with being a sex actor himself Staglino is also one of the best anal sex video director and producer and people have always loved his work. Classical sex methods are running for thousands of years and they will never get old but there are some days when people get tired of it and they want to explore and experience something more and they are looking for other ways to reach the peak of orgasm. They best alternative they have found yet is anal sex.

Site’s Qualities

Buttman only facilitates its members by letting them enjoy the sex features and anal treats. Full fetish archive can be accessed and high definition porn videos can be downloaded once you gain membership of Buttman. Buttman provides different anal sex categories such as big gaping asses, anal porn movies, huge dildo porn videos and bubble baths. Videos on Buttman are of extremely hot girls and handsome boys and are best choice for those people who wants to watch some hardcore anal lovemaking. Viewing experience is made authentic with high definition porn videos, updated pictures and multiple network scenes.

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Along with being lovely all the girls in Buttman are also intense. Buttman supplied girls who can do anything which you desire for them to do. These sex goddesses love to take huge dildos in their anuses and love to play with their pussies at the same time. Conventional type girls are now wanting more and more and their sexperience is justified by better and more sex toys. John Staglino is very ludic with Buttman girls. There were days when anal sex was forbidden and women used to do so anyway just to amuse their partners. Women likeness for getting orgasm by anal sex is increasing day by day because women feel more comfortable and adventurous with their bodies this way. Buttman girls do not want to get pounded in conventional ways and that makes them special and extraordinary. They are now able to undergo the peak of orgasm by modern clamps, vibrators, sex toys and other stuff. Vibrations provided by modern sex toys are added benefit. Anal sex and the use of sex toys like dildo in the pussies or just rubbing the click make the sex wonderful. Hannessy is a Buttman porn actress who once hooked with Staglino, she is a personality who broadcast her legs willingly and wait for a big plug in her anus. She produce a sag spit by sucking the second toy. She is getting double penetrated by a glass made dildo and a massive dick. All the other girls in Buttman website are also perky breasts with tight pussies and perfect bodies. The way these girls operate huge dicks is wonderful. All of these girls have proved their skills in the arena of whole porn world. Buttman holds the pride of having the videos directed by Staglino. As Staglino is a former porn star, he now features Buttman videos and movies, thus, these videos are astonishing and extraordinary. These videos have made the world joyous. All the screens and videos are exclusive and they only belong to Buttman. The rainfall of man juice which emerges the cocks like blast makes the day. Sex was only pleasurable before Buttman but now it is a waterfall of orgasm which is due to the direction orientation of Buttman. The porn stars in the videos are so fearless and straightforward that they are ready to give a try to every phallic paraphernalia possible in their anuses, their pussies and on their nipples. They are dedicated to finding and explore of what orgasmic pleasures human body is capable. Buttman actresses are amazingly hot, beautiful and lovely along with their amazing talent and features of sex making. These girls have perfect body curves on their waist, breasts and asses, these actresses are so hot that you will definitely want to put your cock inside them immediately. Another interesting thing about these girls is that they have clips and rings in the very delicate parts of their bodies. Every Buttman girl wants to get pounded hard, can you fulfill their desire?

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Bottom Line

Father of gonzo porn, John Staglino owns Buttman. Buttman fulfills the urge of skipping the storyline and heading directly towards the wild sexcapade. So wait no more to subscribe for Buttman and become a trusted member and enjoy all the advantages and features.


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