CanadianPartyGirls Review

Website Overview

They said that you can take tours of Canada and find out the most amazing of parties, and most enjoyable of adventures, all the while being joined by three beautiful girls, guiding you to find the best possible fun and even take part in a “happy ending”. Sounds almost too good to be true, but as it happens, I found out the secret to that pleasure and you can also join in at canadianpartygirls.

Site’s Qualities

Are you a fan of the modern scene? If that is so, then do visit the site and be surprised dearly by the content and by its very illustrious design. While the layout does resemble a modern TV show, the content itself is like nothing you have seen. Exploring the site is almost the same thrill as exploring the content of the videos is, that is to say, the parties themselves. Browsing the wondrous cave of wild parties, you are bound to experience the lust and joy you were hoping for, but experience it in a modern way you shall as no lag will be your enemy, because quick responsive time will be there by your side, guarding you from the monster of the kingdom of lag. Even browsing by the ever stronger mobile phones will be an adventure, one also protected by the swift warriors of optimization, enabling you to have a pleasurable journey throughout the domain of wild parties, and secluded bedrooms which you would love to visit, and you will, in a way, since all of the filmed footage is uncensored.

Chicks & Vids

The three hosts, the fair but not really maidens are beautiful girls that go by names of Ashley, Kayla and Veronica shall guide you through Canada’s most wild, erotic parties, in order to find the most wild people and have fun with them. All of that is filmed while it’s happening so everything remains raw, uncensored and quite fascinating. All that is required of you is to join in the fun and follow the three hosts and their wild adventures which include many an erotic scene between women and men, anything and everything you might imagine that could happen on a party or afterwards, in a hotel room. Shot in full HD, professionally, the videos are crystal clear, something to be desired when observing action of such kind, which tends to get very up close and personal, while the three beauties find other, innocent looking women and have fun with them, or attract men for some hardcore action. If you are, however, a fan of hardcore action and not the wild parties themselves, there are over three and a half thousand videos just for you, waiting to be played and enjoyed. Along with the videos, come the images, pictures of the action, in all the possible poses that would tickle your lust. With that comes the membership plan, a plan tempting as the hosts themselves. You get access to bedroom and solo scenes, something you might desire after all the partying as well as the very many videos, but also the DVD’s, which bring forth another set of adventures, one that you might one to see the girls partake in.

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Bottom Line

And if you are fond of that action being uncensored and straight from the very heart of the mentioned parties, then you are in for a treat, one that comes with extra hardcore videos, DVD’s and bedroom and solo sessions, something to relax your mind, but not your body, after such a wild night.


  • 2 days $2.00
  • 1 month $15.99
  • 3 months $39.99
  • 1 year $89.99

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