CherryPimps Review

Website Overview

At first glance, the theme of CherryPimps appears to be beautiful, flawless women. The women in the banner at the top of the page, those featured in the video clips, and pictured in the image gallery of Top Pornstars at the bottom of the site appear to have one thing in common: class. Yes, this is an adult content website, but there isn’t the usual dirty connotation immediately associated with sex sites. You feel like you are getting a privileged peak into a secret world, akin to a first glimpse at a dirty magazine under your parents’ bed – naughty, yet classy.

Site’s Qualities

CherryPimps first catches visitors eyes with a scrolling banner of high quality pictures of absolutely stunning women. This initial enticement is enough to make you want to scroll down further and see what else this site has to offer. There is a clock in the corner counting down to the next Live Show. CherryPimps features live shows every week. The countdown includes headshots of the girls who are to be starring in the show, and with the clock ticking down to the second the show begins, this feature is fun, exclusive, and innovative.

The grey, silver and black colour pallet of the site creates a clean professional feel, and adds yet again to the classy overall undertone. The images that serve as the preview of each video are large, with only three per row ranging across the screen, and exceptional quality. But because they are so large, navigation entails a lot of scrolling, which might be mildly annoying to those who just want to quickly get in, get off, and get out.

Chicks & Vids

As mentioned before, all of the women on this site are stunningly beautiful. Yes, they might be airbrushed and edited excessively, but they are such lovely visions to behold, any video would be a glimpse of a goddess. At first glance, there are no descriptions, run times, tag words, or even names on any of the video icons. You have to drag your mouse over one of the videos for the information to pop up, which includes, a catchy title to the video, run time, count of how many images are in the related photo gallery, and a rating out of five stars. There is also a bubble that pops up over your mouse that has a paragraph long blurb explaining who is in the video, a brief premise, and what viewers can expect to see.

Videos range in run time from 5 to 59 minutes, with most of them either around the 10-15 minute mark, or the full hour in length. Videos are divided into categories including Latest Updates, Most Popular, and Upcoming scenes, with 3 to 9 videos in each. This isn’t much to browse from, but there are also extra sections including the Our Top Pornstars, and Recent Live Stars image galleries, so visitors are not left wanting for choice of content. However, there is no search option to find favourite videos. Membership fees are mostly standard, with packages ranging from a 3-day trial, to one year long membership. There is no free trial.

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Bottom Line

Overall, the main draw of this website is the absolutely beautiful women featured in its videos. A pretty face is not a requirement to be a porn star, and in this case it is a commodity; one that Cherry Pimps sells very effectively. If gorgeous chicks with beautiful faces are your thing, you definitely must check this site now!


  • 3 days $3.95
  • 1 month $29.95
  • 3 months $19.98/month
  • 1 year $8.33/month

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