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Website Overview

I am one of those who loves porn and who spends time browsing websites looking for what to entertain myself with. You can call me a pervert I don’t mind. I love to watch people fuck because it turns me on. For me porn is something that helps me to relax so when I am uptight after a strenuous week at work, I just log on to my favorite site and click on a good video. I have been doing this for quite a while so I believe I have enough knowledge to be able to talk about which sites are good and which ones are a complete waste of time. Although I love porn, I have never been interested in this one pass for many sites type of websites. However last weekend, I stumbled on chickpassnetwork and decided to stay more than a few minutes on the site. Before I knew what was happening I had already clicked on the join tab and had registered to become a member. If you are like me, you would have done the same. The chickpassnetwokr is very tempting with some very interesting sites that you will not be able to resist. With this pass, you get access to 21 sites all of which are very good both in quality of content and quality of website. Some of the sites that are under the network are; busty lavender, institute amateurs and T & A redheads. Busty lavender was given the price for best amateur site of the year by rabbits review. It features a New Jersey xxx swinger Lavender Rayne who is a bisexual and loves to get down in a threesome. On this website, you will be following the exploits of Lavender and her friends. Institute Amateur is another site that got the award for Amateur site of the year. It features fresh institute students getting downright dirty. T& A redhead is another chickpass site that was named amateur site of the year by rabbits review. It features only the best redheads on the chickpass network and all their dirty deeds. The site has received a number of ratings from industry experts; for example it is received the rise award from rabbitreviews and it is rated excellent by the bestporn. If industry experts can consider this site a good one in terms of quality and content, then you and I should be assured that we are not making a mistake when we decide to join them. Membership comes with the right to gain access to all sites on the network and also the privilege to watch full length videos. You also get to download them if you want.

Site’s Qualities

The design of the website is very girly especially with the pink background. On the home page you get a header with suggestive pictures of girls acting dirty. The main menu on the home page include; meet the chicks, categories, videos, photos, network updates and network sites. There are also tabs for member’s entrance. When you click on meet the chicks, you are taken to a page where you can find all the models on the site. Here you can find models based on most recent, most popular or by name or title. You will find the pictures of the models with their names and the site on which they feature. The category tab lets you find videos based on certain tags. For example instead of spending time going all over the website looking for a video on cumshot, the website producers have done the hard work for you. They have put the videos under categories like; cumshot, anal, lesbian, jersey girls, party and a lot more. In this way you can find the right video in very little time. On the video page you can also choose video based on; most recent, most popular and the title. The videos are displayed with the name of the site on which it is found and a description of what happens in the video. The website is made very user friendly by the addition of things like the search box and the advanced search option. On the search box you can type in any search term and search results will be presented. For more specific searched, you can use the advance search option. This allows you to specify exactly what you will like to see and what you will not want to come up in the search results.

Chicks & Vids

The models on the site are pretty and from all racial backgrounds. You will find American, as well as Latinas. There are blondes, brunettes and redheads. Most of these models are amateurs. They are featured in different movies on the site. Apparently, the models are arranged according to the site on which they appear. You are going to definitely love a model like Paisley Prince who is a lesbian. She loves piercings and she has some on her nipples. She features in the video cute coy Paisley plays with her toy. In this video, she plays with herself until she is very wet then she brings out her glass dildo to finish the job. There are over 950 models found across all the sites. This means you can pick a new girl to watch each day and you will not be able to go through them in a year. As for the videos, they are shot with high quality gadgets hence ensuring that they turn out find. The video lengths vary with videos from chickpassamateurs lasting a maximum of ten minutes. Videos on the chickpasspornstars and chickpassteens are longer averaging at least 20 minutes. All of these videos are available for download to members.

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Bottom Line

Chickpassnetwork is a comprehensive site for anything porn. It has some of the hottest amateur models in porn. The categories and niche are very creative and a user is sure to have fun all year round. It is a great place to go to when you want to save money and time and still get quality content.


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