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Website Overview

If you’re looking for the perfect place where you can sexplore your wildest fantasies, looking for hot action, dripping cum and foreskin, anal and role-play, ClubAmateu Usa might be just the place for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re shy or experienced. ClubAmateurUsa has everything you need. Hot boys, stroking each other till they dripping cum, or gaping. Gay or straight, push your boundaries, willing men ready to please you are just a click away. Are you aroused yet?

Site’s Qualities

If you’re curious, and you’re looking to sexplore, inside or outside your house, ClubAmateurUsa is mobile friendly, the site has a black background which makes the skin tone look even better, shaved guys or hairy, big or not, Caucasian, Asian or black, oh but wait to see their cocks. Hot steaming bodies, hot long cocks, attached to straight or gay men, looking for adventure, willing to make you cum or get aroused in no time. It’s easy to navigate on mobile or browser. ClubAmateurUsa has explicit and exclusive content, high quality pictures and HD streaming. You can download videos, watch real men in action, daily updates, bonus videos and sites, and video downloads, HD quality and different membership plans which can give you access to hundreds of downloadable videos, or streaming only with no download capability. You have a few buttons on the first page of the site which makes the site really easy to use, joining as a member takes no time at all, you can read real testimonials, you have scrolling to see every detail, no matter if it comes to cum dripping wet, gape, foreskin, or cock tease, anal penetration or sexual pleasure. ClubAmateurUsa has it all.

Guys & Vids

Push your boundaries, explore in a garden full of real men. Real guys are hard to find. Especially willing men to sexually venture with. ClubAmateurUsa has the sexiest guys. You can find straight unexperienced men, with a cute sociable funny side, courteous, sensitive, strong, smart, slim or chubby, funny, intelligent men willing to help you feel comfortable, by showing off their hot bodies in an unconventional way. They are wild sinners; they love showing off naked on camera. Exploration is their number one priority. They can never get enough pleasure out of your pleasure. Wearing masks, strapons, and leather was never as fun as it is now. Some of the men in the video are amateurs, they are trying, they have just began nurturing this sexual side, sharing the experience, teasing and being teased, vulnerable when it comes to pleasing and being pleased, or straight men getting wild and naked, feeling anal pleasure for the first time. And there are the professionals, strong independent men, who have a strong sexual identity, they are not afraid to anal explore, strip teasing and touching their skin and balls, using vibrators, dildos, fingers, lubricant, or balls is something they’re used to and enjoy. They are incited by the thought that they are watched and worshipped. Some of them enjoy role-play, and some enjoy a simple comfortable masturbation, while some enjoy a hard core penetration. Strap-ons, penetration, oil on hot tattooed bodies, they like spit and cum dripping wet, feeling the hot cum on their naked bodies. Shaved or furry bodies, muscles or slim fit, teasing in a very professional shot. The videos are at least half an hour long, having a number of 520 streamed downloadable videos, or played on your mobile, and there are 2 updates weekly, shot in a professional, relaxing way, offering HD quality as well as MP4 format, a nice set of gallery pictures, real testimonials, masturbation or intense sexual games, role-play and penetration. Becoming a member offers explicit content, access to multiple sites in the domain, daily updates and 100 percent exclusive content. And it’s easy to use, you can pay by phone, sms or EU debit. Besides offering so many fun ways to sexplore, you have a special blog feature where you can find all the models from the site, and choose the one you like. The simple idea of straight amateurs arouses me.

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Bottom Line

If you’re looking for some hot steaming fun, done in a relaxing environment, in a professional way, with a nice futuristic design to sexplore your wildest fantasies, full of various sexual games and preferences, no boundaries, having multiple offers and bonuses, ClubAmateurUsa is the best place to set your sexual urge, get wild! Your satisfaction will be the biggest benefit, and a good investment to make.


  • 1 month $29.95
  • 3 months $69.95
  • 1 year $119.40

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