CollegeRules Review

Website Overview

If you always wanted to find out what girls do in their dormitories then CollegeRules is the website to find out how the action unfolds. The website has been one of the most consistent performers when it comes to providing content of this genre. The website not only has its own content but also user submitted videos to ensure you get the best possible amateur video experience. While the website may be every guy’s fantasy it might be every father’s nightmare as they see their spawns sucking cock and getting banged in all holes at parties. The website really takes it to the next level by providing dirty and raw content that crosses all boundaries of the word hardcore. The website has been around for a while and the only way to get access to all of the content is by getting a membership. The website also allows members to become a star by putting their content up on the website and rewarding the wildest and hottest videos of the week. One of the best things about the website is that despite allowing people to post on the website, the content is highly curated and only high quality content is uploaded on the website. The website has been very consistent with its content quality so you do not have to worry about finding hazy videos on the website that do not look good and prevent you from being able to get a good viewing experience. Considering all of these scenes have been recorded by girls and boys who stay in dorms, nearly everyone these days has access to HD cameras on their phones so you will get a complete high definition experience of all of the content. The strict levels of content uploads ensure that you will only get the cream of the crop and not videos that do not live up to the expectations. The girls are willing to do pretty much everything on camera and you will love the kind of variety that you get with the content. The website has been around for many years and it is one of the first websites in its class. It has been very consistent over the years and you will get a steady flow of updates over time. The website already sees a massive number of updates these days and it seems that there is no chance of it slowing down! You will find multiple videos being updated to the website each week. The website is home to amateur girls only and you will find a wide variety of action on the website. The women have been very direct when it comes to performing in the videos and they will surely have no qualms doing anything in front of the camera at all. Nearly all of the videos have been recorded in parties and the guests surely get to have fun when they see the wild side of the girls. Unlike other websites where the women are actually glamor models and the websites try to pass them off as models, the people who are a part of the scenes are actual amateurs who have a knack for sex.

Site’s Qualities

The website has a really nice user interface that you can use to find anything that you need very easily. The hottest scenes can be navigated to with a few simple clicks; you will not have to worry about the latest updates as well. All you need to do is head to the member’s area and you will be presented into the amateur paradise. The website has plenty of features that will allow you to find the content you need in one place. The website has plenty of content that you can download and you will be able to download as much as you want without any kind of restrictions. The website has no kind of DRM licensing restrictions so you will be able to have access to all of the videos even when your membership runs out. You will be able to customize your searches using the custom search engine that allows you to use a wide range of filters which are very efficient in finding the content that you want. You will not only get high definition streaming options but also DVD and SD quality options as well to provide you a good streaming experience even if you do not have a very fast internet connection. The bit rate and audio quality of the streams are quite good and you will be able to hear everything that is going on in the videos with optimal clarity. If you happen to own a mobile or a tablet you will be able to stream on those devices as well thanks to high levels of optimization that allow you to open the page on any kind of device.

Chicks & Vids

The website is not only known for its videos but also its images. The galleries are extremely comprehensive and you will be able to get all kinds of videos. You will not only find women making out with many other guys but also solo sessions and even lesbian videos where girls get down and dirty with other women. The content is just top notch and some of the videos have also been edited to add some plot and have a more casual and fun approach to the content. The action quality is just amazing and you will love how all of the videos come together to form an amazing experience.

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Bottom Line

Despite the website having aged, it is still updated weekly and the high levels of interaction among the members makes the experience just too good to pass up. You should definitely try and make the most out of your membership by uploading videos and interacting with other members of the website. Overall, it is a must try website for anyone who is looking for amateur content.


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