CosplayInJapan Review

Website Overview

On the CosplayInJapan you can enjoy a nice collection of hardcore porn videos, featuring stunning cuties, performing sexually really explicit things. When these girls get on with it, they usually wear some costumes, so they are not just getting banged, but they are kind of being worshipped. In case you have a thing for CFNM porn, and you prefer Japanese girls, you will feel at home on this place. The CosplayInJapan is one of the sites of the Erito network, and since this site-family isn’t too old, the portal is also quite new. As far is it can be detected, the site launched sometime in 2013, so it’s about two years old. The videos here aren’t much older either, so you will see that the quality is quite good. During each week there are several new videos appearing, they usually add a new flick every other days. This way the site can remain fresh, interesting, and totally satisfying. Since the network has been mentioned, let’s take a look at it. It’s also necessary, because you get a full access to all Erito sites, so you won’t be bored while you are here. You can enjoy the videos of three additional porn sites, each offering you hardcore sex – only Japanese porn – and regular updates. The overall amount of videos you can enjoy on the CosplayInJapan is around 1,500, and since they are usually quite long, you will have a full experience as you watch them. The scenes here are not totally exclusive. They all come from Japanese DVDs, but if you consider the DVDs a different thing, we could say that the videos are exclusive, because usually they go online on the Erito for the first time.

Site’s Qualities

The members’ zone is just as simple as the tour page. Probably the only difference is that inside, the videos are actually accessible, while the tour offers only the thumbnails. After logging in you will find the main menu under the network’s logo. The menu is quite ordinary: the videos and the models can be listed at separate pages. As an extra feature, the site grants you access to live cam shows. The bonus content (apart from the network access) you can view some third party videos and there is a DVD library to browse. If you are looking for something in particular, you could go and try to find it with the search engine. There is no standalone mobile page for the CosplayInJapan, but the network hub has a nicely working interface for you. The CosplayInJapan is a streaming-only site. Fortunately, they don’t settled with low quality, so you can enjoy some very hot Full-HD videos in the browser. For the in-browser playing to be smooth, you have to have a good computer, but there are several quality settings to choose from, so you can always get some performance boost. The stream is quite fast, and the player responds well, so it won’t be a problem to enjoy the videos.

Chicks & Vids

The CosplayInJapan offers you a large number of models. The girls you can see here in these various and nasty scenarios are all wonderful, gorgeous pieces – and they are all Japanese. As on all sites of the Erito network, here you can find only Oriental chicks, or as they are usually referred to: AV Idols. Browsing through the models’ database of the site will shed some light onto the girls. You will see that they are cute chicks, with natural body, and weir interest into cosplay sex. There is nothing to worry about however, since these models are all professionals, or at least semi-professionals, and they are doing thing that would also do if you were a porn star. Probably the best thing about these models is that they are naturals. After the big fake breasts pushed into your face anywhere you look in the jungle of online porn, it’s a fine break to visit sites where the models still have their original looks intact. So, they are all Japanese, that’s for sure, but this doesn’t mean that they have to be all the same – they are quite different, and they seemingly like to perform their mischievous acts. In case you prefer Asians, and you are especially crazy for Japanese girls, these models will surely blow your mind. The scenes you can view at the CosplayInJapan are all quite astonishing, though you should take note that these are all studio-made scenes. In case you are looking for amateur porn, this place is not the right one, so you have to search elsewhere… however, the girls are cute, and in fact, some of them are just started in the industry, so they can be still considered amateurs, rather than full-scale professionals. Anyhow, the videos don’t feel amateurish, and compared to the US reality-porn, they are quite close to it, just they have less over-playing, and they are less sterile. The site’s title depicts the main niche of these videos: they all feature cosplay. Sometimes the girl have only some bunny-ears on, but in many cases they dress up like those super heroines from animes and manga books, so the costumes are quite varied. Since these super-girls are basically drawn sexy, creating the clothes is not a big deal, because apart from a bra and a panty, they usually wear a terrible mini skirt and high-heeled boots. Every video features cosplay and hardcore sex, but those who enjoy CFNM will totally appreciate the content here.

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Bottom Line

In case you are Japanese-fan, and you read manga and watch anime cartoons, then you will surely appreciate what these girls try to do. It’s not hentai, but the girls dress up really nicely, and it doesn’t matter if you get turned on by nurses or heroines, you will find your favorite things in there. Though the site is a streaming-only one, you may still enjoy the videos, as they are long, satisfying porn scenes. With the provided network-wide pass, you can enjoy everything, and it’s also a hot deal.


  • 2 days $1.00
  • 1 month $29.99
  • 3 months $19.98/month
  • 1 year $9.99/month

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