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Website Overview

If you have a love of interracial gang bangs then Cum Bang is the place for you! This website is full of lovely black girls being gang banged by several well hung white men, sometimes even up to a dozen or so and usually for the sake of sweet sweet revenge! You heard me, these ebony girls suck fuck and get facialized by a bunch of white men to get even on some black guy who pissed them off.

Site’s Qualities

This website is as “to the point” as it can be, as soon as you open the Cum Bang main page and you go past the age checking, you are automatically transported into the wonderful world of black girls taking white dick. The website is so simple to use any internet novice could master it in a minute. The black background makes the images look bright and vivid, crisp and clear and makes all the colors stand out really well. As soon as you enter the website you are immediately greeted with a preview of the latest video uploaded on the site and if you just scroll down you get to see thumbnail images of other videos as well. Navigating this website is an absolute breeze, as any porn site should be. CumBang is part of the Dog Fart Network which is well known in the porn industry for its content which is primarily big black dudes sticking their big black cocks in tight white women’s pussies so Cum Bang pretty much takes the same idea and flips it on its head, so this time all the steaming hot ebony ladies take plenty of white meat sticks. Membership of Cum Bang also gets you access to some Dog Fart Network content.

Chicks & Vids

Now, a quick word of warning, the entire premise of this site is that one black girl gets bang banged by a bunch of guys, all white, usually wearing white shirts with southern flags on them because they are supposed to be rednecks so if any of that strikes you as in the least bit way offensive, walk away now. CumBang has a collection of about 78 episodes, each about 25 minutes long, plus full movies, all downloadable in MP4, Flash and WMV formats in various resolutions which make them great for mobile devices as well, and each episode comes with a gallery of around 200 pictures, but what really sets Cum Bang apart is the fact that they also have stories! You heard me, stories! Over 320 of them, so if you ever get bored of videos and want to switch things up a bit, you can read your porn instead. The content is hardcore and heavy on blowjob scenes and facials so if you love bukkake style porn then you have hit the jackpot, you lucky dog! However, if you are more into fucking rather than lots and lots of oral sex in a gang bang scene then you may want to try elsewhere because like I already said, the focus is on blowing and hand jobs and less on fucking. That being said, the content is really good and these girls are all amazingly talented. I mean, it takes a special kind of jaw strength to gobble up so many thick white cocks and these lovely ebony ladies are amazing at it!

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Bottom Line

If you love watching black honey taking copious amounts of white dick and getting glazed with white man juice, then you have found your own personal slice of heaven with Cum Bang.


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