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Website Overview

Have you ever played pranks on anyone? I know most of you are guessing what kind of a questing is this?! Even if you are cursing me from with in, I will still ask you the same question but in a different way. Have you ever played sexual pranks on anyone? Now I can see you have become interested. Now that I have finally got your attention, I will state why I asked this seemingly stupid question. Do you have any idea about what in the name of God does “sharking” stands for? If you are pondering a lot over any topic that is in any way related to the aspect of breeding of sharks, then you are miles away from the correct answer. According to the definition of dictionary, sharking is nothing but a popular but sexual prank that had its origin in Japan. Yes! It is true. They even have a term to describe it. In this review, I will be telling you about a locale that has made a name for itself in the field of sharking. The name of the portal is CzechSharking. It is more than clear form the name that this is a portal that will feature sexy and sizzling hot chicks that were subjected to this type of sexual pranks, A-K-A “sharking”. If you have been bored with watching the same uninteresting conventional ass drilling, then CzechSharking will provide you with the best relief. The locale is fresh in outlook and has the reputation of serving the needs of those who are in love with watching real-life footage. The concept of the web link is really unique and this is the reason as to why so many people are having the urge of checking out the locale. The site stated the operations in 2011. As soon as the locale opened its gates to the public, it seemed all would do whatever it took to get a membership here. In the porn business, where so many similar portals are existent, CzechSharking has been able to make a name for itself in a rather insignificant time frame. People from all over the world are still flocking to check out the contents of this locale. The subject matter of the movies is also interesting and unlike any other locale that I have seen before. The main aspect of the movies happens to be the brattish behaviors of the guys who wear a hood and conceal their identities. They then target the unsuspecting hot Czech lassies and in one turn or the other on the road, they pull down the skirts or pants. As all these are real life incidents and has not been faked in any way, you better be prepared to listen to some curses. This portal happens to be a part of the CzechAV network. It is known for containing some of the most intense locale that will quench the thirst of hardcore action. One of the best aspects of this locale happens to be bonus portal that come with the main forum. Another important thing about the contents is that these are all exclusive in nature. This means that if you want to take a look at the videos, you will have to be a paid member of the locale.

Site’s Qualities

The technical features also attracted my attention. The layout of the home page happens to be very attractive. This is not the only plus point about the forum. As you embark on the tour in the home page, you will see different images that are neatly arranged. These are not actually images. They are trailers of the actual full length clippings. Check out the previews before deciding whether you want to join the locale or not. If and when you take the membership, you will get the permission to access the area that has been marked by the members only. This area is also decorated in keeping with the color scheme of the main forum, i.e. dashing black, in combination with white. You will not get to access many tools for navigation. The list of videos is arranged on the basis of the recentness or the amount of views that they have got. Stream the videos with MP4 at resolution of 768×576 at 1340k bit rate. Downloading is another option that is available to you for getting hold of the contents, at 768×576. If you want to play these on Windows Media player, you will get the options of 720×576 resolutions at bit rates of 4590k and 2938k. If you want, you can also use the WMV for downloading. As with a lot of the bonus locales of this network, the contents are not attached with DRM restrictions. With no limits to the amount of data that you are entitled to get from the forum, the admin has taken care of all the aspects to see the customers happy and satisfied.

Chicks & Vids

The idea of sharking has been taken up really well by the makers of the portal. Though there is no hardcore drilling of the asses in this forum the bonus sites will provide you with ample numbers of clippings. The basic foundation of the movies happens to be how the shy and unsuspecting lassies fall in the trap that has been set by the pranksters. These guys seem to emerge out of nowhere and then suddenly bring down the skirt, dress or pants with one blow. They target all types of girls, freshies and MILFs alike. This web link is really new in the market and so it has only about 25+ clippings that last for only one minute. This is because these are prank videos. The only thing that bothered me was the absence of any images, as in still photographs. But the very nature of the contents is such that you will not be able to get good stills as all of it happens in a flash.

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Bottom Line

The USP of the web link happens to be the new treatment and outlook that has been provided by the makers. I only hope that the admin mends the problem of updates and photographs.


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  • 3 months $64.95
  • 6 months $99.95

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