Danni Review

Website Overview

I would say there is nothing good like watching the girls you like as they do all the dirty they can do, I’m sure everyone agrees with me, but what if I say there are girls I found on the net and they are nothing but amazing beautiful, and with or without your will, you will definitely like them. These girls got curves and edges that are calling, if you don’t happen to like them then you don’t know what the best is. They got well-rounded boobs, nice butts, beautiful, long hair, and much more, and of course, they know how to do dirty.

Site’s Qualities

This website is a 21 years’ old that was once a personal porn site for a world-class girl Danni Ashe who featured a lot hotter chicks, so what are you expecting this site to look like? To look like a site with 5 viewers per day? No! this site has gorgeous wild chicks behind it and I’m telling you it is nothing but amazing. The website is user-friendly, as its contents are well arranged. It works well on mobile devices as well as in computers.

The graphics of this website is all awesome, the yellow and white background colors, together with some pink background strips enclosing some of the texts to give it a girlish feel, accompanied with well readable text, that uses awesome font colors and styles, makes this site as attractive as Danni Ashe.

This site has a drop-down menu that contains some links that help you to look for things of your choice with easy, it contains links such as; home, models where you see all the featured models, there is also a Danni girls link which is another link taking you to a different model index page. There is a videos link, taking you to the videos main page, videos in this site contains some labels like a short name, the name of the featured star, likes, and time length. There is also a photos link taking you to the photos main page. There some more links like live shows, login and join us.

Chicks & Vids

With over 21 years in the industry, you don’t expect this site to have the contents of a 2 years’ old site, on this website, there are more than 5700 recordings and over 1500 photo galleries. These videos can be downloaded as well as streamed. Speaking of girls on this site, it is true that they are beautiful and hot, these chicks are the kind of girls that you can’t hesitate to turn your neck as they pass around.

Generally, these videos are lesbian softcore videos, you get to see girls dealing and playing with one another gently. You get to see girls licking each other’s pussies, you witness the way they deal with each other’s boobs, to an extent of getting themselves wet. Have you ever heard of the statement “she’s my husband”? On this site, you will see what it means.

This site is simply a perfect place for girls play, get to hear the way they moan with their sexy voices, be sure to be aroused because the first time you lay your eyes on these girls they will drive you crazy. Get to see those pussies opened up and pointed to the ceiling, get to see those smooth tongues moving past the clit to lit the fire inside those chicks. If you need to feel more than crazy, and more than aroused, then visit this site.

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Bottom Line

For those that like lesbian stuff, the softcore lesbian stuff especially, the kind of girls’ play that never hurts and never stop entertaining, you have no any choice better than Danni Ashe.


  • 1 month $24.95
  • 3 months $19.95/month
  • 1 year $9.95/month

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