DaughterSwap Review

Website Overview

One of the porn world’s greatest HD fresh girls porn, DaughterSwap is not your average ordinary porn site with the usual cute girls enjoying delicious fucking; after all, it is named “DaughterSwap”. Sure, the cute girls are present, as always with all other sites belonging to this network but it’s their theme that will get you in it for the long run. It’s not everyday you see fathers and mothers swapping their lasses for another one from another parent. Of course, it is very far from being innocent as the whole “swap” thing is like an entire initiation for a good hardcore fuck. With its high definition, exclusive videos and spectacular production, DaughterSwap is incredible in a lot of aspects.

Site’s Qualities

DaughterSwap has a lot of important and helpful features that will help enhance your experience in here and I am not just talking about the basic stuff you see in most porn sites. The site has a delightful design, with an elegant color scheme consisting of grey tones and a load of white font colors. The interface is user friendly and is really a walk in the park to operate. Once you have logged in, you will be greeted by a throng of video thumbnails and previews in the main page.

Each movie preview consists of a detailed information about what you will generally expect from the corresponding video and download buttons which will give you several different options to which resolution and format you want it to be. Another feature you get is that you will be able to rate the videos and comment on them. You can also add them to your favorites so you can watch them easily later on.

Navigation here is pretty simple, too, since you have access to an advanced search engine for a more specific sort of browsing and the pagination links that will help you move back and forth. Along with the numerous videos they have, the site also hosts around 70 photo galleries that contain about 150 hi-res photos that also contain a good number of stills from the movie. You can download these in zip files or view them in your browser.

Chicks & Vids

The girls of this particular porn site are definitely cute and hot at the same time. They are absolutely angelic in every physical aspect but are devilish in their ways; after all, they go down and hard once they get swapped. Speaking of which, this swapping would inevitably involve either moms and dads exchanging their scions for another, doing the dirty, naughty deeds in the same room.

You will find yourself surrounded by fresh-faced beauties getting pounded hard by their parent’s friends and neighbors as well as some really hardcore lesbian action involving moms. You have girls like Kitty Katherine and Saddie Pop swapped by their dads because of certain reasons, but as thick as the plots get, you still get plenty of hardcore activities that last for at least 40 minutes. At the moment, the site has around 70 high definition movies starring plenty of fresh faced amateurs that definitely know how to push your buttons in the naughtiest of ways.

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Bottom Line

DaughterSwap has great potential and is something I would definitely recommend. The plot they take on is simply unique and the action in here never falls short of amazing. Quality and quantity wise, the site delivers more than expected. With its constant updates, you reassuringly get something every week and the number just keeps rising. Do not miss out on this gorgeous site because it surely has a lot in store for you.


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  • 6 months $6.67/month
  • 1 year $5.00/month

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