DrillHim Review

Website Overview

What better way to spend some time than diving in the world of military fantasy porn. Watching a bunch of guys having their way with new recruits is what Drillhim has to offer. Fresh faces in porn fulfilling one of the most popular fantasies out there.

Site’s Qualities

The hardcore elements of the site can be first observed in the thumbnails available on the main page. The most intense parts of the scenes are highlighted to set the mood. The black background of the site ads another layer of toughness and the military themed logo and buttons amplify that even more. Because Drillhim displays images from all their videos and ads runtime information for each one, there is no need for advanced search mechanics.

The video library can be browsed quickly. Just by clicking the arrow buttons on the page, more thumbnails will be made available. It’s quite fast to get a general idea about what the site is all about, if you aren’t familiar already with the genre. Navigating the site from a mobile device is as smooth as using the PC. It performs well for a new website and it shows promise for the future.

Guys & Vids

The experience may not be new for some, but for anyone venturing on the site for the first time, it may get a bit intense. There are no bareback love stories here. You will only find hardcore dude on dude action and many group scenes as well. Hung, athletic soldier-like models engage in intense penetration in every single movie. You won’t see any solo scenes.

Watching new recruits as their being broken in by their superior officers is what Drillhim offers. Like the newbie soldiers they represent, the performers are also mostly amateurs. I doubt you’ll see any familiar actors, although this may change in time. As the site grows in popularity, it is without a doubt that some stars will make appearances in these movies. The scenes are short in general. They range from 15 minutes to 20, sometimes a bit more. I find this to be an effective way to get people interested.

Focusing on just one category of porn fiction eliminates the need for meaningless backstory and generic narratives. They change sceneries but keep it all military related. Most of the action will take place in barracks or locker-rooms, and they guys start out in some sort of uniform. It is weird that there is no download option available. However, the streaming works well enough on all platforms that there is also no need for anything else so far.

The video quality may not be HD, but it is still clear enough. For an amateur production company, both visuals and audio are clearly above average to say the least. It’s rare to see a new website that puts this much effort, from the beginning, to please its regular viewers as well as potential members. Currently there is just a one month recurring membership plan. I’m sure that in time more will be available. It’s normal to think that, once more content comes, more benefits for members will be made possible. The absence of network niche sites is no issue. After all, people that visit Drillhim come for one thing only and they truly deliver.

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Bottom Line

Drillhim is a site that offers fresh content and more importantly, they offer it for a genre that has not yet reached saturation on the web. It will probably be their recipe for success, should they choose to follow down this road. There is room for improvement, but so far they are quite impressive for such a short time since their inception.


  • 1 month $24.95

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