ElectroSluts Review

Website Overview

ElectroSluts is a hardcore site for straight, lesbian and gay kinks. These sluts are tied and will be given both pleasures with kinky equipment that will excite you. Fans of slavish be very happy as this site feeds your fantasies with their high-quality scenes and dirty, sexy contents.

Site’s Qualities

ElectroSluts has a cool, mysterious and wild layout. This site gives you straight, gay or both options to view before you enter this awesome site. They did not hammer you with dozens of video at their homepage which most of the sites are portraying which is clever. They have this mysterious, dark vibes and you will have to roam around to find their cool features and HD videos. The visuals are shot professionally and high quality. The models cleverly put in a category with their quirky bios and videos, which you’ll find very interesting and suave. The videos are all in high quality and fantastic condition. Navigating this site is simple and easy. You will love to discover all the videos and models to find interesting scenes of your choice.

ElectroSluts is mobile friendly and has a great streaming. It plays the video well and unlimited downloading. You will find it a bit tricky at first but as you roam around this site, you’ll get used to the navigations and functions. ElectroSluts keeps their site updated with daily videos and hardcore scenes with interesting contents to be played.

Chicks & Vids

ElectroSluts contains great looking models (men and women) that performed awesome hardcore sex scenes. They have diverse groups of models with different types of contents. Each model is in different categories of body shapes (cups and cocks size) and ethnicity. The models are all professional and videos are playing almost 30 minutes each. The models are all mysterious and sexily furious looking which are ready to be in hardcore actions. The qualities of the videos are spectacular with awesome storylines. Not to mention with more than 10,000 hours of HD videos! The lightings and location shot are very seductive and interesting. There are different types of versions in HD for MP4 and WMV downloads. MP4 is available 5000k and are 1280×720 in size for downloads and the pictures are super sharp and crisp. You can download the videos in full length and clips. There are also 3 different options of flash streaming for your preference. The shots are beautiful with finesse editing! Electro Sluts is has a massive fan base and huge collections of videos that is updated daily.

There are more than 2 million photos in the galleries (and growing), which include cutouts from each scene. This site has professional shots with different angles and gadgets involved; you’ll never be bored of them. The way I see it, you’ll be viewing this site for days! This site has attractive memberships plans for their users with a reasonable price. The videos are mostly with a one-minute sneak peak that you can view before joining the memberships. There’s a strong community on the Kink sites. The forum is active as members regularly participate in chats and community. They always keep their fans entertained and keep up with trends.

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Bottom Line

ElectroSluts is no doubt an awesome site that knows what they are doing. This site is often updated with new hardcore videos and always feeds their fans with a variety of contents. Their videos are picturesque and defined, which you won’t mind spending hours on. The models are beautiful, elegant and mysterious, you will never be bored of them. They have a clean and well-structured website that can you browse easily. This site will always keep you on toes as they have massive, superb collections of hardcore and BDSM actions.


  • 1 month $49.99
  • 3 months $33.33/month
  • 6 months $28.33/month
  • 1 year $26.67/month

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