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Adult comics are now becoming a famous niche in the porn industry. Enchantae is an adult comic developed by a talented artist known as Jordi Bayarri. The amazing fact is that the comic has been curated in two distinct languages; English and Spanish. Enchantae encompasses comics in still snaps and the entire material by this ardent artist is exclusive to strictly members of the website. For just a few dollars a month, you can gain access to this website, where you will be able to peruse all the chapters.

Site’s Qualities

The website is creatively fabricated. The template is distinctive with a great color selection, which manages to match the comic and them websites symbol. The layout is user friendly and the material uploaded on the website are easy to locate. The design is simple with majority of the connections placed on the left side of each web page. Moreover, just two links are placed at the top right side of the webpage. This renders surfing through the comic very simple. The design is not as complex as the case with most comic sites. You only open one of the images from the board you get, once you click on the latest chapter. You can browse from one webpage to the other with the forward or back tab place at the bottom of the webpage. All the pages are in JPG image formats. The format occupies larger sections of the browser windows. I saw around 10 pages in every chapter. That sounds like you should have mad fun with all this content at your disposal. There are four chapters in each episode. So far there are 112 episodes of the comic. The comics are downloadable, hence one can save a complete volume of the comic in a pdf file. One volume carries numerous episodes and you will only gain access by paying a onetime fee for the precise volume, or also you gain free access if you are already a member.


Enchantae is a peculiar locale where numerous islands are suspended in the atmosphere. The inhabitants of Enchantae moves from an island to an island with help of enormous gliding beasts. The tale dates back in the archaic times, where the population worshiped a supernatural being callled Ano. Ano is a deity, who is very feared on these islands. She carries all the powers of sex and pleasure. The inhabitants of the island are at all times delighted and content. They believe that Ano will guard them, if they adhere to the sexual rites as commanded by Ano. Nerita is the supreme priestess on the islet and is referred to as the priestess of sex and pleasure and by the residents of Enchantae. She was crowned the high priestess of the isle, when she sought after an extraordinary charm, which she was later offered by an elf in return of sexual favor. Nerita and her deputy Peka are the leaders who make sure the inhabitants of this islet worship Ano their highest through sexual rituals. Each family in Enchantae owns a goblin. Gremlins assists with home chores and they are all female. Nonetheless, the goblins are utilized by the inhabitants of this kingdom in executing sexual rituals. Consequently, no one in the territory is ever sexually deprived. Elves are huge male helps and are handy for hefty duties. The beauties of Enchantae will from time to time take advantage of the fiends when they are aroused. Outside Enchantae there are other weird islands, where the goblins and ogres hail from. Other peculiar creatures come to visit Enchantae from time to time to study or experience the distinctive culture they perform here.

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Bottom Line

Enchantae entails a very economical monthly subscription. You get to access 110+ exclusive episodes. In some episodes the empress of trolls, the empress of imps and other outlandish strange creatures come to visit. The quality of the photos is good and the story enchanting. This adult comic is hence worth checking out.


  • 1 month $9.95

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