EstudiosCima Review

Website Overview

EstudiosCima brings you sexy lesbian action that involves plenty of cunnilingus, fondling, and kissing. The chicks are all attractive, slender, and wholly into it, passionately sucking on each other’s tongues and sucking erect nipples. Although the sluts get engaged in tantalizing and amazing sex, there is a firm attention on the kissing sets that warms up ever action. I am very certain that many persons can say the happenings on the platform.

Site’s Qualities

The design of the platform is very well-designed and clean. Surfing the platform is very easy, with different areas for the pics, cast, and films. The videos can be streamed in high definition and can be saved in FHD throughout the site. Yet another amazing feature is that each video contains a high-resolution anthology, from which one can download them in zipping folders because the image galleries here appear to be very big. I did find that the sets have dates. That said, the galleries match up a certain film, which is every 10 days at the moment. Therefore, no one will be left hanging for too long in between uploads. Nonetheless, the delay could definitely be briefer. There exist a forum providing you with update gen, a blog, and a most-asked-for-movie web page. However, this will demand you to part with more dollars. The site is fine-tuned to work with portable devices. I did load the site on my smartphone it turned out to be very responsive. Astonishingly quick I tell you. They are offering plenty content to make a subscription focal.

Chicks & Vids

EstudiosCima is a lesbian platform fabricated to befit persons who love viewing very sizzling and exceedingly adorable chicks kissing with another and engaging in some beautiful major league heavy stroking! These hotties do not hurry it, so they take their time gradually and affectionately removing each other’s clothes and then wrapping each another in touches. EstudiosCima did have me marveling for some time if it was going to be a more softcore action of the lesbian niche and if it was going to be only about caressing and kissing. That would have been okay with me – in any case, it is two girls making out! However, they truly choose that they are going to have a full blown lesbian porn platform.

They fervently kiss, rubbing each other’s cunt and finger one another’s cherry. It is similar to watching real lesbian duos fuck erotically. Without a doubt, they will not stop until they have their beautiful faces buried in each other’s very moist and tight vaginas. I did not find any scripted sets. They begin with the bitches making out and fondling each other. I saw Tess and her partner make an exceptionally passionate duo. Tess sports a full figure and obviously takes charge, sprawling kisses all over Tess’s chin and nose, dragging her face as close as she can to her own. During my visit, I did see 200 flicks. The pics at their highest quality, come with dimensions of 1094 X 2856. For the most part, the films display at 1080 X 1920 at their peak quality, and they are varied in terms of their interval. Additionally, you will find lower quality options, too. Besides, I saw that the platform is having regular uploads.

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Bottom Line

EstudiosCima turns out to be a propitiously forthright lesbian platforms and that seems to be tolerable considering that it truly does not try to be much variety for most other lesbian sites. It does focus mostly on foreplay and sensuality before the spicier stuff begins, and the couples are impressively stunning. Join EstudiosCima soon, even sooner.


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