ExGf Review

Website Overview

Simply easily finishing the introduction region of the website makes me understand why these girls are not living with their boyfriends! ExGF demonstrates the zest, the boldness and the hotness of sexy darlings that are sharing in what is by all accounts softcore as well as hardcore joy for home recording. They promise pleasant quality will be there, with normal updates.

Site’s Qualities

There are many things about this website to tell, generally, extremely noteworthy to the action. The homepage is filled with videos. They have clearly made a point to keep it easy to use in the part of navigation, providing links that guide you anyplace you need to go. Categories are separated on the off chance that you are a fan of a special genre, and to make sure you know, all stuff will either be softcore or hardcore, from here, it will be the sub-categories that gonna take your excitement to next level. In the event that there is surety about this website, offerings of orgasm, either to those being recorded or those viewing the footage.

Once more, I cannot resist the urge to ask why they are ExGF now, these hot ladies are so horny, it will be so hard to bring them out of a bedroom. Indeed, there is such a flair in masturbation, you will feel there ought to be nothing unthinkable about touching your genitals, particularly when someone is also doing that in front of you. So just enjoy the masturbation sessions! From this site, you will discover rapidly that they fuse content from their different websites into this single site, and all the material is a symbol of hotness and horniness. I turned into an immense fan of the material.

Chicks & Vids

These ex-girlfriends convey amazing ability in a hefty portion of the orgasms portrayed in their videos, their expressions and non-verbal communication will say a lot. The angels are in undergarments, Levis, naked, the rundown is really interminable for a wide range of situations that they are performing in the videos. There is not at all like viewing an eager honey weaving her head here and there on a cock, unless you see the cum stick to her tongue… abandoning us to ponder, did she eat that or just spit? They basically follow two formats to display their video content, one is WMV (768kb/s, 640×480 and 1129kb/s, 640×480) and other is MP4 (997kb/s, 640×480). There are more than 3000 videos that can be downloaded. The length of each video is about 4 minutes. Resolution tells clearly that these videos are optimized for mobile phones. There is also a huge collection of images in their galleries (3500+ galleries, each has nearly 30 images). All this can be watched through slideshows and if you want to download, zip format is available to make this task easy for you.

This one is the most worthy paid porn website providing some fine porn flicks

Bottom Line

There are such a variety of advantages, that I can not express properly because I enjoyed the content so much and still lost in the dreams of those girlfriends. There are a lot of categories covering everything from softcore to hardcore including fetish also. It will astonish you, and obviously, keep you energized. If you want to see how sexy a girl can be if she breaks up, then you are on the right destination. They will make her ex-boyfriend jealous and make him think that someone else is enjoying that great pussy which could be her. But you don’t need to think about her boyfriend and his bad luck, all you need to do is to think about her pussy.


  • 1 day $1.12
  • 1 month $24.63
  • 3 months $19.88/month
  • 1 year $7.95/month

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