ExtremeAsses Review

Website Overview

There is nothing so enjoyable and likeable as a woman’s ass. Having a large ass and showing it off for a camera is something that I am grateful for, when women decide to do it. Well, as luck would have it, ExtremeAsses has quite the collection of asses of all colors, all of them having one thing in common, and that is their huge size. Though the word in the first part of the name does imply something else, too, and that is hardcore sex.

Site’s Qualities

Placed against a black background, once you enter, are three girls, two with their butts turned to the screen, one pouring water over one of the butts. The other one is covered in cum, completely. The word from the first part of the site’s name comes into notice once you see these photos and move on to the rest of the previews, located below the mentioned picture. The previews are in a high resolution, like everything else on the site, yet they are only accessible once you actually join, and for a very cheap fee, too. The videos and the photos, reserved for the members, are in a different section, where they are sorted according to a few criteria, and could easily be chosen, especially by using the search bar. The site itself does indeed run very well, having all those videos and photos, you would expect it to be a bit slower, yet, it runs as fast as anyone would hope. I have noticed that same speed when viewing content from my mobile phone, and I was blown away. Nothing is as good as watching porn relaxed from my bed.

Chicks & Vids

The word from the first part of the site’s name does indeed imply action of a more hardcore nature, and such action could easily be found on the site, and very quickly, too, as most of the videos are indeed hardcore. Sometimes, you would see two ebony girls get onto a single guy, and make his life much better. Though he does get drained in the end, as satisfying two women at once is a challenge for any person, especially when the girls are fond of sex and have specific preferences. Anal orgasms are very common here, as are facials and creampies. Looking at the girls get their pussies pounded, and then their asses, only to get a facial in the end, licking up all that juicy cum, is enough to get a person aroused in a moment’s notice. There is another thing that is great about the videos, and that is the fact that they are in full HD. High definition brings to life the asses as they move around, riding that tower of cum, and even more when the close ups kick in. Juicy sex action that will get you to an orgasm in no time could be yours for a really insignificant fee. I have also enjoyed seeing the photos, especially when the screams became a bit too loud, late in the night. The members’ area of the site is full of great content, and accessing it is something you would surely love to do.

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Bottom Line

Being a great fan of a huge ass and everything that goes along with it, porn has always been first in my book of fun and satisfaction. Having found ExtremeAsses, my life took a turn for the better, especially since all the action on the site is great. Full HD videos do not fail to deliver, anytime.


  • 1 month $24.95
  • 6 months $9.95/month

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