FlowerTucci Review

Website Overview

FlowerTucci is the gateway to a slithery porn star’s world. This a site where the succulent model Flower Tucci welcomes you into her turf where she switches between love for juicy pussies and the addiction to rock hard dicks. She doesn’t like running the show as a solo player but brings on board a variety of cute looking and similarly big ass girlfriends who share with her the cherries of fine porn. The action you find here revolves around Tucci and, therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised as you catch her face in every video you can get a hold of.

Site’s Qualities

There is no doubt that the organization of FlowerTucci falls in between beauty and navigability. Few sites tend to fall perfectly in between and FlowerTucci has taught us exactly that indeed. The key value to a visitor is the content and the ease to access it without the usually cluttered layout. The site’s navigability is quite friendly for both the seasoned and the new porn disciple.

As you log into the site, beautiful screenshots are embedded on a pink background. The main navigation bar is decent and beautified with some fancy fonts to bring out more appeal. A basic search tool has been provided to make your content fishing easier. You also have the added advantage of previewing the scenes, commenting on them and adding them to your playlist for future reference. If you need to get more personal, there is a connection as well as a live cam tool just for your pleasure.

Chicks & Vids

You may fail to find an appropriate description of FlowerTucci as you encounter boisterous anal penetrations, deep panting from the rapid insertions and withdrawal of dicks and pussies, the covetable ass and pussy licking and poolside stripping that precedes a formidable pussy penetration. This is the heartland of Tucci and her band of lucky boys and horny bitches that are proud to be smooth skinned bi-curious sluts that take in dick and tongue.

Tucci herself takes in any girth or length of cock, thanks to her bizarrely deep pussy pit that fountains to a hot squirt when these penetrations hit her core nerves. FlowerTucci may soon lose its plushness that precedes its looks when you learn of its meagre library of only 28 scenes, frozen updates that date back close to a decade and the low quality of content you find on this site. However, the few scenes are not disappointing, with their 35-minute sessions featuring amorous studs drilling such beauties as Maria Belucci, Holly West, and Sophie Dee.

With the few scenes, it would be good to know that your membership still includes the entitlement to scour through the RealityKings Network of at least 37 bonus sites that await your presence. From these, you get the chance to review over 5000 models and lots of diverse content to drool over. Video streaming on Flower Tucci is quite smooth. Buffering window falls between 2 or 3 seconds while download speeds hit the 4.2mbps mark under lucky conditions. The streaming resolution maxes out at 876 x 480. If you are the type that loves savouring offline content, downloads are available for you as well at 720 x 480 res. The usual formats are MP4 and Window media video. Downloads are sadly not unlimited but are capped at 10 GB per 24-hour cycle.

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Bottom Line

The raunchy allure of FlowerTucci is still oozing from her sexual appeal, love for her hardcore acts and iconic squirting. However even though the site is no longer updating and the meagre library you find on the site, throwing your few pennies at it would never disappoint. Her sexiness and zesting the scene as the boss lady in charge is worth every nickel of your membership. This site is still recommended as a worthy stop over.


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  • 3 months $59.95
  • 1 year $60.00

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