FootDomVideos Review

Website Overview

If you are a fan of porn, then there is certainly something more that you can see, something other than the genres that you are used to. There are many things that you can discover online, and one of my favorite things about porn is that there are always innovations. Now, if you wish to see some of these innovations, and something of the hardcore, as well as a bit of something that might be familiar to you, then there is a site that is called FootDomVideos, where you get just that, feet fetish, meet hardcore sex and the like, where girls show off their feet and make the guys lick them, and that is just the start of it all.

Site’s Qualities

The site has quite a thing to show you, and you will be impressed by all of it, as the surprises can start right as you open the first page. The site will show you what a good design looks like, and it looks very good, starting from the image at the top of the page, which is a collection of images, including the site’s logo. Right there, you can see some of the feet, the things that you came to see, actually.

Right below that image, you can see a menu bar, one that shows you the buttons, as follows, the home page button, the live shows, the bonus sites, as well as the members’ area. To the far right, is the joining button, where you can get access to this lovely site. Further below, you can also find a ton more of the previews, and they do look great, all of them. The previews have a nice large image, and a lot more, resized, as well as a lengthy description, so that you can get to know the content even before you join.

There are a lot of those previews, as well as the bandwidth of the site that you need to take into account, and for a simple reason, that is, the site loves getting you the content that you need, and in no time at all. Add to that another thing, and that is the mobile version of the site, and you are already the winner.

Chicks & Vids

But, the site does not stop surprising there, as there are more and more things to see, that is, there is a lot of content here, in other words, there are many videos here, and you will see feet worship, as well as a lot of female over male action, as they are in charge on this site. That is not all, as they love playing with them, with their feet, too.

There are many videos here, around 67 of them, and you can download them in the WMV and MP4 formats, as well as stream them, and they do last for 15 minutes, a piece. The site also has around 67 galleries, which you can download in the ZIP format. Add to that another great thing, that is bonus sites, 44 of them, as you get access to the entire network of sites as soon as you join. They are part of the Fetish Network, and there you get a lot of different fetishes, free for downloading and streaming, so give them a visit, too.

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Bottom Line

If you want to have yourself a good site, then you should visit this one, as it is completely different from all the other sites, and it brings you a whole lot of content, from itself and other sites, too. The site is called FootDomVideos, and you should check it out if you have a thing for fetishes.


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