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Website Overview

Shemale porn is definitely a unique genre that only some of us get to appreciate. In fact, there are a lot of men who get turned off with the idea of hot chicks having dicks. However, some people, on the other hand, enjoy this type of porn, while a lot more are interested in watching it and getting to know it a little bit better (mostly out of curiosity of what is the big fuss about it). We understand though where shemale enthusiasts are coming from. Shemale porn is a good example of domination and power play. Think about it. Men are the usual symbols of power and strength in porn videos, not to mention usual sex acts. They are the ones who take control and call all the shots while women just allow them to pleasure their bodies and fuck them. Shemale porn, though, is one of the most effective ways to turn this power struggle around. Of course, female dominant porn is a good choice as well, but this change in the power position is not as exemplified as the way it is done in shemale porn. Shemale porn can be quite literal in a way because the tables are completely turned and the men are being fucked by, well, chicks with dicks. This is the reason why some people get turned on – they find this power change very appealing and interesting. If you want to try out watching this porn niche as well, but you are not yet prepared to watch the real deal then we totally recommend this porn site for you to try. And of course, this porn site is perfect for those who enjoy animated porn or hentai as well. Yes, that is right. The porn site that we are going to review today is called Futanari Sluts, and it is a site that features animated shemale porn. To tell you more about the site, “futanari girls” actually mean dick girls in Japan. It is said that the porn site team really took the time to build their collection from scratch in order to provide these videos to their members, and now we can already see the output of their hard work. Moving on, Futanari Sluts is also part of the Toon Pass porn network. This porn network is made up of four exclusive sites dedicated to animated porn, and all of their content (both photos and videos), can be made available for access if you sign up for membership. So let us proceed to share the membership details, because we are sure that you are already interested in joining, given the good number of content that they offer. They have three main options: a one-month option, a three-month option, and a one-year option. For those who are still deciding which option to choose, you may also opt for signing up for a one-day trial membership first for a minimal fee.

Site’s Qualities

The porn site has a very sleek and simple website design. It has a dark gray and black color theme. It also has a plain banner with a couple of information about the porn site, the link that will bring you to the sign-up page, and of course, the logo of the Futanari Sluts website. Below, that you will see the links to the sixty pages that they have. All of these pages contain numerous thumbnails leading to different anime scenes and videos, so you can tell that they really have a big collection. Each thumbnail is very simple with limited information. All you will be able to see is the video’s length with a link that gives you the option to download the video. And that’s it. As for the downloading and streaming features, you would not need to worry about the time that it takes to load the videos because Futanari Sluts has ensured that they have really fast servers to lessen waiting time. You can almost say goodbye to the inconvenience of long buffering and loading.

Chicks & Vids

Well, we can’t say anything more about the girls, just that they are absolutely perfect! You know why? Because they are literally made from our dreams. This is the exact reason why we definitely recommend this porn site for those who are fairly new in exploring the shemale porn niche. While of course, seeing the real deal, would be better for those who are already in love with this genre, but for those experimental newbies out there, we suggest that you watch this type of porn as animated at first. Plus, animated porn is just awesome to watch. Even for those who are not into shemale porn, we would still recommend that you take a look at this porn site because the videos here are out of this world. And that is the charm of hentai, right? Anything can happen. If you are also a fan of other animated series – you know, the non-hentai ones, you would be surprised that you will find them here as well. We especially enjoyed watching videos with superheroes and villains involved.

Great porn website with awesome futanari HD videos

Bottom Line

Overall we really enjoyed our tour of this porn site. The shemale animated stars here could be considered as visual wonders and we are sure that their real life counterparts will never be able to do what they are capable of doing. All the scenes here are very creative as well and you can see that a lot of artistic talent has been put into the creation of the photos and videos that you are going to enjoy in this porn site. Again, we cannot thank the team enough for putting together this collection. All we can say is that their hard work has definitely pulled off, and we will show them our gratitude by writing this review especially for them. Great job!


  • 1 day $1.00
  • 1 month $27.95
  • 3 months $19.95/month
  • 1 year $7.95/month

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