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Website Overview

While watching anime, some of you must have thought how nice it would be if the characters were to engage in some dirty, naked fun. Well, then, you also must have stumbled upon hentai, the porn and cartoon lover’s paradise. Browsing the internet, I came upon hentai, a site dedicated to animated porn videos, brining your wildest fantasies to life. With a perfect animation and some very well written stories, this site has more to offer then meets the eye upon first glance.

Site’s Qualities

When entering the site, I first had to go through the affiliate, Hentai Centro, which provides advertisements in forms of animated ladies’ parts, like boobs, and all other sizzling fun you might think of. Even that site’s design caught my eye, being slick, simple and straightforward, but in a cartoonish way, what you might actually expect from a hentai site. Moving onto hentai, I was immediately apprehended by the style, which is to say, there were hentai scenes everywhere, a real gem for those with a taste for animated sex. I found the browsing to be very easy and direct, as you had videos immediately on the front page, two clicks away from being played. When visiting it from my mobile phone, I was also pleased by the optimization, that is to say, if you prefer watching animated chicks being banged from the comfort of your armchair, then you will not be disappointed. The browsing is slick and responsive, the videos also being two clicks away, as one might prefer.

Characters & Vids

I was also fascinated by how well the animation on the site was. It was not just done in a professional manner, but in such a way that will definitely satisfy your deepest desires and fetishes. With full HD videos, all of them longer than twenty minutes, it is hard to remain unmoved by such great sexual scenes. The site managers proudly call videos which are twenty minutes long, clips, which gives way to much longer videos, with more interesting storylines and, as you could expect and desire, more sex. Some of the videos are over an hour long, which is saying a lot, given that they are animated and have great stories and not just great porn. The girls in the videos are as hot as you could ever want. From typical girls to mature women, all handling a man or two, or having fun between themselves, and, of course, getting involved in threesomes, so wherever you turn, beauty galore! Green hair, blue hair, purple hair, all the styles are there, every single little detail you might want from hentai. With over two hundred videos, updated regularly, on a weekly basis, it is unlikely you could be turned down by the site, especially since membership includes some extras that will keep your hand glued to your genitals, caressing them for quite a while. So, when seeing what the membership offers, my jaw was gaping, even more than after seeing the beautiful animated action. Apart from DRM-free downloads and streaming, you are also entitled to over twelve thousand DVD’s. In my eyes, that more than makes up for what someone might call a small collection of videos, or a lack of an image gallery. Judging by the fact we are dealing with really long videos and that there are so many of them, it is very unlikely that you could run out of hentai fun.

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Bottom Line

Hentai has more than enough videos and perks to satisfy your dark desires. Since the content is only multiplying, and if you have in mind the extras and the pure animated porn dream-come-true action, it is unlikely that you could ever have a bad day.


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  • 3 months $69.95

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