Hot50Plus Review

Website Overview

When it comes to realizing and appreciating sexuality, women in their 50’s are hornier as could be. True to this fact, the MILF’s on Hot50Plus are ready to show you that they are not climbing down that horny valley anytime soon. The hardcore sex that is featured on the site shows women who have aged to perfection getting naughty in front of the camera. The tasteful banging scenes are the perfect way to crown all your days. Even if you do not enjoy mature porn, you will definitely have something to say after taking a tour of this site. Part of the Channel69VIP Network, the site was launched in 2006. Ever since its inception, it has been bringing all its members’ non-stop porn content. Tempting you to sign up is the satisfactory of hardcore mature content that has been performed by women in their late 50’s to 60’s. Unlike most sites, there isn’t any mix of fresh faced models who often steal the spotlight. This site is especially dedicated to making the mature crowd of horny women shines. The golden oldies will remind you why you fell in love with them in the first place. However, the content collection strictly sticks to man/woman banging scenes with no lesbian action in play. You do not have to worry the number of movies because the content on the site comes in abundance. Due to the long years of existence, the Hot50Plus has been to build an enviable archive that contains some of the best documented works. While fresh faces may be exciting to look at, the MILFS have the experience of sexy and seasoned ladies who will teach you many things about pleasure. Each passing movie scene will leave you with memories that are worth treasuring. This makes Hot50Plus a pretty special site. Fresh faced hotties have nothing on these mature women. You will be thoroughly entertained in every sense of the world. Getting lost inside these walls of lust is nothing new.

Site’s Qualities

All the magic happens in the members’ area of the site. This is where you will find different content and the kind of scenes that will beg you to see more. Navigation is quite the simple task because it basically involves moving from one thumbnail to another. The kind of scenes that you should go for generally reflects the kind of mood that you are in. This being said, you can expect a lot of fucking and sucking. Unlike similar sites, you will not have a hard time getting around from place to place. There is no clutter to be confused about. Under the site’s banner lies the main menu that practically guides you through the galleries, bonus sites and video store. There is also a PPV fleeter for those members who wish to see more. The model galleries are your one stop shop for learning everything about the models. It also contains some of their best on set pictures that the site is glad to share with it. The upload schedule of Hot50Plus has been a really busy one for last year. There is a little fluctuation as far as the upload of movies but this has proven normal for the site. Things seem to pick up pretty quickly. It’s only natural that the site wants to positively damp on you a consistent flow of content. The decent size site is perfect for anyone who wants to explore.

Chicks & Vids

The lovely bunch of women will make your stay here one that you wouldn’t wish to end. All of the performers are every inch mature women, with the site making no exceptions of this. The mixture is one to die for; the older porn stars represent porn as you love it while the newcomers add a great aspect of fun and entertainment. If you want to be completely engrossed in the action, pick any movie as all of them come with a similar level of excitement. The women have not had a deficiency of sexual encounters through the years; therefore, you can expect that all their moves and skills are completely intact. It is evident that they would go to the end of the world if that meant that she could get laid. Since the action is hardcore, these women portray their roughest sexual skills. Their naughtiness for pleasure surpasses anything and everything that you have enjoyed on other sites. As our bodies age differently, you will be able to see a multiple of shapes and size here. Although most of the women are not tight in shape, there are a couple that still have physiques that are to die for. As a huge part of their trade, they are ready to have the cocks inside their mouths, pussies or butt holes. Milfs like Joanne Storm, Dessi Foxx, Sarah Hughes and Sherry Wayne are always making headlines on the site. Their movies are the most enjoyable as well as memorable. For instance, Sarah Hughes looks like an elderly mature woman who is all smiles before her partner walks in. She poses beautifully in order to show off her sexy looking hairy pussy. Her experience enables her to give her partner an experience of a lifetime. Her banging body has held up quite well through the years. She still looks gorgeous as ever.

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Bottom Line

Hot50Plus is the kind of porn site that you would want to have under your belt because of its massive collection, solid formatting features and a collection organization that is a rarity in adult entertainment. Obviously, fantastic quality is what we are after and the site perfectly delivers on this end. There are many sexual themes to be excited about and a network that will give you access to a number of bonus sites. Need I say more? Hot50Plus brings vigor and excitement to the table.


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