Hot60Club Review

Website Overview

Hot6oClub is an awesome mature xxx site with gorgeous grannies that have aged to perfection. Claiming to be the largest granny site on the web, the site gives you hardcore content, which also has a great quality. The site is also managed by the Channel 69 porn network, indicating that you will access all their 17+ sites once you are a member.

Site’s Qualities

Hot60Club is one of the sites that have been designed in a simple format but it is easily accessible. The arrangement of the videos and pictures also seem logical just as you will notice from the tour area. This logical arrangement can be observed all through the site, including in the members’ area. The videos are arranged alongside their pictures making it easy for you to view the pictures related to each video.

You will find several useful sorting tools which you can use to browse the content on Hot60Club. However, the model’s section will help you to do all the sorting you want. If you are not yet a member, you can have fun watching the free previews and pictures on the tour area. According to the update log on Hot60Club, the content appears to be done on a monthly basis but nothing is dated. Luckily for us, the site is linked to the whole Channel 69 network, which allows you to easily access all the sites for more content. The download managers also work very well, with a maximum of about 8 sites. You can even pause and resume a download. For members who like to stream a video, a large flash player will give you everything you need.

Chicks & Vids

Hot60Club is all about hot grannies getting their experienced pussies fucked hard by well built guys. There are over 160 models who love to get fucked in different styles. These ladies have different levels of experience, mostly ranging from amateurs to semi-pros. You will also see a lot of difference in their sizes ranging from slim to chunky. Their boobs also look great despite the fact that these women have been in the sex game for several decades.

You will definitely love watching all the videos since they are found in great WMV files. The recent videos are also available in MP4 files, which are also very impressive. In number, there are about 160+ videos on Hot60Club, which are suitable for both streaming and downloads. The download speeds are also very impressive. You can also forward or pause a video while streaming. However, there are no HD videos available yet.

You also get about 160+ picture galleries with about 100 pictures on each. The pictures in these galleries are very impressive and have bright colors. They appear to shot in a professional manner and just like the videos here, they are all 100% exclusive. It is worth noting that there are no zip sets, but the pictures can be viewed in slideshows. To enjoy all these exclusive content, you have to subscribe to one of the three membership plans offered. These plans include monthly, quarterly and semi-annual plans. You can also subscribe to a 3-days trial plan. Members are entitled to free access to all the 17+ sites on the Channel 69 porn network. You also get access to a PPV theatre.

Definitely the most worthy premium porn website providing awesome xxx scenes

Bottom Line

This is the kind of content that leaves your dick thanking you and your eyes craving for more. I can hence advise you to immediately subscribe to the membership if you like to watch hot grannies getting fucked.


  • 3 days $4.95
  • 1 month $29.95
  • 3 months $66.95
  • 6 months $99.95

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