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Website Overview

Icon Male is a fresh web site that displays all sorts of top quality movies and pictures within the niche of gay adult entertainment. One of the first things you will notice entering the Icon Male web site, is the unique clarity of the pictures displayed. The details are ineffable. You won’t believe it until you see them with your own eyes. You might notice on the startup page, some featured videos on the top of the page. When I first entered this site, the featured videos consisted of ‘Schoolboy fantasies 3’, ‘Baby Boy’ and ‘Real couples bareback’. I didn’t know at this time, a scarce five seconds after I found the site, how immensely hard I would find it to leave the site again, to go back to my everyday life.

Site’s Qualities

Clicking on the latter link, I quickly found out that ‘Real couples bareback’ was a really long movie, lasting more than two hours. ‘Real couples bareback’ had an ensemble cast of eight people covering an even higher number of categories. Among the stars, I could recognize well known studs like Cutler X, Ian Levine and Seth Santoro, but there were also a lot of fresh, new faces and bodies. The overall quality of the production seemed impeccable. On the Icon Male movie page section, just as for the example ‘Real Couple Bareback’, you can find info on release date, how many likes this movie has, pictures of the people featured in the movie, with links to their just as extensive model star page. On the star page, you can find anything relevant, such as scenes, pictures, categories, and date for first appearance. On the bottom of the movie page, you can find the featured scenes from the movie, in this case ‘Real Couple Bareback’ scene 1, scene 2, scene 3 and scene 4. In short: On the Icon Male movie pages, you find everything you need. It’s brilliantly designed, easy accessible, and regularly updated. There are also numerous other ways to navigate through the Icon Male web site. You can browse movies sorted by Latest DVDs, Titles / Names, Most viewed DVDs or Highest Rated DVDs. Of course you can also sort choosing a category. Say, if you want to research the generation gap, you can choose the category Older on Fresh, and the search result will offer you such titles as Daddy’s Big Boy 2, His Daughter’s Boyfriend 2, and The Stepfather 2, from the top of the page.

Guys & Vids

Icon Male is obviously not some old, washed-up porn reminiscent. The idea for the “gay romantic studio” was born in Canada some time during the early 2014. In June 2014 Mile High Media teamed up with director Nica Noelle to launch Icon Male. About one month later the studio’s first release, “Forgive Me Father”, made a major breakthrough for Noelle and Icon Male. Noelle, who is said to be the sole writer and director of all Icon Male movies, has stated in interviews that her catholic upbringing made her very conscious at an early age about sins, confessions and the seeking of forgiveness, which are all recurring themes in many Icon Male movies. The combination of experience and visionary talents behind the camera, skilled, promising talents in front of the camera, and a crew that has the ability to convey pictures of such clarity and quality that rarely appear in the entire entertainment industry, separates Icon Male from the heard. Being a member of the Icon Male web site, feels a little like being a pioneer on some project that you know will be fantastic and world famous and recognized by almost everyone one day. Right now, Icon Male is fantastic. The answer to when it will be world famous and recognized by almost everyone, is not mine to answer. I know it will happen, it’s bound to happen, it’s just a question of time.

Great adult paid website offering stunning gay material

Bottom Line

I want as many as possible to discover Icon Male, but for the time being, I don’t really feel that I have to spread the word. I know the quality and services offered by Icon Male stands out, I can relax and just enjoy the amazing photos and videos, and let the latecomers find out by themselves, in their own time.


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