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Website Overview

There are different kind of fetishes: there are those who are into seeing women pee, those who are into BDSM and those who gets turned on while watching girls in spandex or any clothes that hugs their perfect figures. The real challenge, though, is finding a site that can satisfy your fetish and a site that caters to that fetish alone, ILikeFetish is the site that delivers the best videos when it comes to specific fetishes. You won’t have to go through thousands of videos and hundreds of websites just to find the right one. The girls are beautiful, the performances are excellent and the website serves as a portal that will link you to 9 different sites with different niches.

Site’s Qualities

ILikeFetish was created back in 2005 and it added more and more adult entertainment sites throughout the years. It serves as a portal, an all access pass to 9 sites that features smoking, spandex, street candid shots, beach nudity, balloons, BDSM, party candid shots and many others. As a member, you are entitled to their unlimited download feature for all of their 9 sites that have about 734 high definition videos and their 2,509 high resolution pictures, all of which are updated daily. Their desktop version and mobile version is user friendly and easy to navigate, and all of their contents are exclusive to their subscribers.

Their sites feature different niches. For those who gets turned on watching a gorgeous girl strip naked while they smoke they have a site called SmokeCity, it has been operating for 12 years now and is uploading videos of European women every day. They have JuicyNudists that features nudity in public, specifically on the beach, so you can watch women get their wet body full of sand as they rub themselves or give a random nude guy a blowjob out in the open. CandidCrush features beautiful girls who are all natural. These sites take high resolution pictures between 1664×2496 and 2496×3649. ShinyKitty features women in shiny spandex pants, catsuits, zentai and others. In their videos they put on a unique show for their audience that even you can enjoy. T

hey also have a site named BoundMyBitch for BDSM lovers on which women tie each other up, tie a man up – anyway you like it its available in this site. They also feature personal adult websites such as MyBitchKate, MyBitchAlisa, LynnHD and KellyInSpandex. All of their videos are of 1080i quality and you can also sign up to receive their weekly newsletter so that you can be updated. They have a 24/7 customer service hotline that you can contact in case you have any questions, suggestions, concerns or inquiries.

Chicks & Vids

In one of their videos it showed one of their beautiful models named Anna. At the start of the video she was on the bed with balloons surrounding her, she posed and positioned herself as the camera focused on her short shorts and big, round breasts. She took her shorts off revealing a red panty and beige stockings, she took a balloon and blew on it as she laid in bed. She then sat on it, showing her busty ass until the balloon exploded. She then blew up a new one and sat on it like a hard cock.

In a video from SmokeCity it featured a woman named Masha, she was sitting on a couch as she smoked a couple of cigarettes, and she then slowly started stripping. She took her top off and she squeezed her beautiful round breasts while the cigarette was still between her lips. A few minutes later she took her dress off showing her sexy blue panties and, with a couple more puffs of the cigarette, she took it all off showing her pussy off and, as she finished her cigarette, she blew a kiss to the camera.

Another video showed one of the site’s model named Maya while she was playing with balloons wearing nothing but a shirt and her panty, she then took a balloon and placed it between her thighs, positioning it right on her pussy. She then took two more and lifted her shirt up, jokingly placing the balloons right above her breasts as the third balloon was still between her thighs as she bounded up and down imagining that the balloon that was between her thighs is a massive cock and the other two balloons were her breasts. She continued playing with them, throwing the balloons all over the place as she spread her legs showing the opening of her juicy pussy, she blew a balloon and started rubbing it using her long sexy fingers, she also seductively licked it and sucked the tip. She popped some of the balloons as she slowly took her shirt off revealing her breasts; she then hugged as many balloons as she could, as she bounced on them.

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Bottom Line

Sexual fetishes are subjective and personal, which makes it a bit difficult to look for the videos online. However, ILikeFetish will provide you with 9 sites that have niches that you have never thought existed and that are such massive turn ons. Each site has enticing website backgrounds and has a brief summary and reviews of what the site is all about.

Most of the videos show women who strip tease using objects that belong to their niche like balloons, spandex and cigarettes and, every once in a while, a random guy will slip in to have sex with the models for the pleasure of the audience. You won’t have to worry about going through all the sign up process again and again, because your main username and password will work for all 9 of them and, if you will encounter any problems in the future, they have a customer support hotline to help you.

We all got use to the usual categories on other porn sites such as threesomes, foursomes, gangbangs, blowjobs, creampies, handjobs and many others, but ILikeFetish brings something new and unique to the table, the videos are worth watching and will definitely make you feel hot and bothered in a different way.


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