InnocentHigh Review

Website Overview

InnocentHigh is a unique sex entertainment platform that features cute girls in their prime as they tick you, tease you and get down in hardcore sex action with dudes endowed with impressive bodies and cock. You are treated to the classic teacher–girl attractions that have been a puzzle to resolve for ages now. The girls are bent on getting a good grade or at least the hunkiest footballer with hard muscles on the compound.

Site’s Qualities

The banner and most other parts sport a beautiful shade of dark brown in the background. The text comes in several colors including white, green and blue. It is clear from the onset that the guys in charge of design on the platform are real experts at manipulating people’s feelings. The home page has numerous tagged images that click into real action scenes at the slightest trigger. There is a clear focus on user comfort. I was met with a host of ready user-friendly tools that helped me check out whatever I wanted with ease.

The advanced navigation widgets including filters and page forward and back buttons impressed me on my site tour. I could also access the content by updates. There is an advanced search tool that made it possible for me to access content with specified tag words. There is even a full menu on the top pane. The menu is filled with sufficient details to guide new users and inspire them to explore more of what the platform has to offer.

There is a tour trailer for most of the scene and descriptions that paint a clear picture of what transpires between the performers and the ensuing sex action. I liked the fact that the videos featured on Innocent High are all in full HD form. Users are also provided with an array of extras and bonuses including She’s New, Oye Loca, Lust HD, RubaTeen, Self Desire, TeensDPorn, MyBabySitters, Her Freshman Year and lots more. Mobile phone users can also access the flicks and photos on the platform with ease.

Chicks & Vids

The sex scenes here are spontaneous and breathtaking. They constitute stints between tutors and their girls in naughty seduction acts, flirting and eventually having deep hardcore sex in a range of places. The location of the hardcore and even softcore sessions is determined by the convenience. These girls and dudes even have sex in the car or on office desks. The girls are on the prowl. They will do anything to get their desired grade. What better way to achieve that than to lay a tutor! Sometimes it is about getting down with the hunky footballer in the field.

You are treated to scenes that feature girls sucking cocks with relish and making dudes release cum in torrents right close to the camera. You are treated to variety both in terms of the performers that come on the set to tease you and the sex variety. You have black girls getting down with dudes and even fellow girls in steamy sex sessions that will make you drool for long. I loved the dressing style of both the girls and the dudes. While the girls are largely in uniform that is cut out to seduce and flirt with whoever sees them draped in it, the dudes are classy men of the stature of tutors. They are captured in ties, coats, and decent suits but soon succumb to their human desires by screwing the hot cuties that try their sensual triggers.

Meet the creative Cece Capella. She has captured her principal’s imagination and won’t stop until she sucks the dude’s cock, and gets some jizz inside her pink hole. There are 415 videos with a playback of up to 30 minutes per flick. The content can be viewed in a range of formats including MP4, WMV, and Flash Player formats. Check out over 415 galleries with high-res pics.

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Bottom Line

You will love the fresh and exclusive content provided on Innocent High. The semi-taboo sex niche is exciting and well presented. If you are ticked by nerdy girls in naughty action, I guess you will have a blast of a time on the platform.


  • 2 days $1.00
  • 1 month $28.97
  • 3 months $16.62/month
  • 1 year $7.98/month

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