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Website Overview

Jeff’s models, is a virtual harem where chubby chasers get ready for a treat. The women here are horny and sex hungry beasts and they have a lot to give. The website mainly deals with superb BBW fetish as well as hard-core porn. These women might be chubby and big, but when they engage in sex, you will be amazed at their agility and flexibility. They are super talented when it comes to seducing their male lovers. So if you love mature bulky women spreading their legs and allowing their sex partners to go deep into them, then this website will serve you well. I was surprised myself when I visited the website for the first time seeing how these bulky women ride cocks and rub their massive jugs on the male lover’s face. I have seen a lot of pro models and renowned porn actors from different websites, but I can stick my neck out and say that Jeff’s models are some of the most seductive and erotic women I have come across. There are many people who think that girls with slim figures are the only ones capable of turning on the heat when it comes to hard core porn and that bulky girls are not up or capable of such action. But their belief is only because they are brain-washed to realize the truth of how erotic and sexy a BBW woman can be. Visiting this website is sure to change all that. They will get a real taste of BBW porn and after going through they are sure to have a different perspective. The girls which feature here have humungous hooters and it is not because they are filled with saline or implants. Each of these models is real and filled with genuine fat. You will find in some girls having folds and folds of flesh, while in others they will have perfect plump. However they are quite beautiful in the looks department and do not fall into the category of obese. Witnessing them you will not for once feel uncomfortable, in fact you will experience something which has never been experienced. You will be made to rub your dick and by the time the video finishes, you will be seen rushing off the bathroom to jerk off. The videos here are that good. Most of the action is with straight boys or guys. However as you become a member and get full access to the website, you will find that there are a few gang-bang videos to please your senses. Though the videos are nothing out of the ordinary and is standard grade porn sex, are these fatties which give a new dimension to the entire action. So if the thought of a sexy fat woman gets your juices flowing or massive jugs on a corpulent and horny slut make your knees weak and you all sweaty, then just log into the website and check out the awesome collection which is in store for you.

Site’s Qualities

The website is good in appearance. It comprises of a white background which makes the material and contents in the home page more alluring to the eyes. The website is also easy to navigate and you will easily be able to find out your preferable content. There are some preview videos on the home page and along with that there are plenty of screen shots and also a short description to make you aware of what the video has. There you will also find some of the names of their models and say if one appeals to you, the website offers a search engine which you can use to find out about her as well as the videos where she’e featured. The membership methods are also easy. At the top of the home page, you will find that there is a join here option which on clicking will take you directly to the sign up page. As you reach there you will find some blank spaces which need to be filled with your personal information. Fill in the blanks with the right information and submit the request. Instantly the website will give you a confirmation and from there on your account will be activated. Also regarding the subscription you will find all the options in that sign up page itself and selecting one which goes with your wallet, sign up for your personal account.

Chicks & Videos

Now let us come to best part of the website which is their girls. These girls might be fat and bulky but when it comes to engaging in hard-core fucking they can give a tough competition to some of the best performers in the porn world. They will be seen rubbing their massive breasts against their partner’s faces, inserting their hard dicks to give them an awesome breast fuck and will hop on to their bones to enjoy the thrill of thrusting. They will be seen being fucked in all kinds of different ways- so whether you talk about cow-girl, reverse cow girl, doggy style, ass eating, anal drilling from the top and many more. Some of the popular names which you will come across are Alexxxis Allure, Jade Rose, Becki Butterfly, Lady Lynn and Erin Green, Julie Ann More, Nikki Walder, Marie Leone, Buxom Bella, Angel Deluca, Bella Bendz and many more. Speaking of the videos, they are shot with state of the art cameras capturing every aspect of the action. The vital scenes are take-off properly and the sound quality is also wonderful. The clarity of the videos will simply leave you amazed. The pictures are also of similar nature. They are crisp and clear and even birth marks of these girls are clearly revealed. The videos can be downloaded as well as watched online using a flash player as well as downloaded following the standard procedures. The pictures can be downloaded together in one zip file.

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Bottom Line

The website offers consistency and that is what accounts for its popularity. The videos are also realistic and will give BBW porn lover’s lots of fun and enjoyment. So visit this website and watch how these hot fatties please their lovers.


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