JizzMouthwash Review

Website Overview

JizzMouthwash is about sexy hot girls with an appetite for male cum in their mouths. The platform is part of the larger Brain Pass Network that is known for its explorative niches in porn. The girls are captured close to the camera as they suck those cocks with relish, and hold the goo for long before draining it down their guts. Users can stream and download videos and photos as much as they wish.

Site’s Qualities

The home page is wrapped in impressive light blue and white background. I felt as if I was standing beside a beachfront as the breeze rubbed against my skin, and the tropical sun warming me to an adventurous day. There is a clear effort to impress users. I was introduced to a list of categories that helped me check out the host of services on the menu at a glance. You can browse content by network or by individual site.

You are provided with a model index that allows you to choose the porn content you wish. I was also impressed with the fact that I could click on any of the images on the home page and sail straight to the heart of the action. Users can stream and download content as much as they wish. The videos; especially the latest ones come with high specs that make you want to just keep watching.

Mobile users can access content with their mobile devices. I was also impressed with the multicolored text that describes various aspects of the site’s content. Jizz Mouthwash comes with several bonus access platforms including Club Peter North, Sperm Cocktail, First Sex Video, Lube My tits, I want Latina, Sperm Glazed, Bang Me Boys, Cheating Mommies, Melissa Dot, Bruno B Beloved, Doughouse Digital and more.

Chicks & Vids

You are treated to a range of scenes that feature cute girls sucking cocks and making sure that they get the final reward of their efforts. The dudes cannot resist the soft skillful blowjob they get from the hotties that are drawn from across the global community.  Generally, the scenes are fresh and creative; and the girls seem to love cum in their mouths.

You get facials, blowjobs, deep throat fucking and loads more. Perhaps, the most exciting and mind-blowing stunt is where the girls decide to use the jizz as the mouthwash. Whatever they may have been told are the benefits of jizz as mouthwash remains a mystery. I was impressed with the quality of performance by the girls. You will agree with me that the mostly Latina-looking cuties are hot and irresistible.

Catch up with Chiquita in her near-magic cock-sucking stunts. She is a gorgeous cutie with wavy Latina hair running down her shoulders.  She is fucked hard in the living room by some horny dudes with a clear thirst for a hard pounding. They share spoils and screw her in both holes until they are ready to produce their man-milk. Lopez is a real cum-thirsty horny cutie that takes all she gets from these bulls. Catch up with over 145 videos which playback for between 10 and 20 minutes. You are even provided with a zip file to make your download easy. Other extras that come with a subscription on the platform include over 7000 vidcaps. If you have a thing for still photos, you better prepare for one long photo session. There are over 7000 galleries to sample. The content can be sampled in a variety of formats including WMV, MP4, and the versatile Flash Player formats.

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Bottom Line

JizzMouthwash is a unique naughty cum fetish platform that presents you with dynamic cum-handling action. The girls are sexy and attractive. Most of them feature the exotic Latina quality that we all love. The platform is easily navigable.


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