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Website Overview

Sex is important to everyone. And the female sexuality has always been a sacred thing. There have been wars, which have been fought over the fairer sex, and even kingdoms have been lost. Yes, the idea that men are sexual is generic, but everyone fails to remember that women are sexual as well as sensual. That is a major difference. Also until very recently, women did not feel empowered to talk about sex as freely as they do now. But women love masturbating. And when they want to help themselves out and go to the Internet, needless to say that they are sorely disappointed. Why? Because all the content, which is on the Internet, is all male centered, where they show women in a bad light.

Sure, women want to get down and dirty, but we also want to feel loved and respected. Women love to be sexual when they know that they can be vulnerable in front of someone else. It is not totally about emotions, but there needs to be a certain connection when you have sex with someone. So, when women want to masturbate they don’t really have much of a choice and are left to their imagination only. And why only women, lots of men don’t enjoy watching porn where there is long mindless banging. Even they like story lines and getting to know characters, making the experience more complete. These are the men who want to please their women in bed and it is important to the women. So, to basically the goal is to find porn where women are taken care of equally and picturized well, where it doesn’t look scripted and mechanical, but real and steamy, isn’t it?

What if we told you that is exactly what a website called JoyBear has? JoyBear is a website which has chosen the offbeat path and come up with erotic and sensual porn videos that is sure to blow your mind away. Their tagline is ‘Very British. Very naughty’, which says volumes about them. They empower the women on their website instead of objectifying them. Their pleasure is focused on, and a lot of attention is given to the foreplay. But don’t think for a second that just because the women have been focused on that the mans pleasure has taken the back seat. It definitely isn’t so. In fact, the beauty of the videos on this website is that they harmoniously switch between the mans pleasure and the woman’s pleasure equally. There are a lot of blowjobs with intense deep throating scenes to a lot of teasing and pleasuring the woman making sure that they stimulate her. They know how to tantalize your mind and get you very turned on. They have even won the ‘Good For Her’ Feminist porn award.

Site’s Qualities

What they have managed to do with JoyBear is truly amazing; the website has a very sophisticated look to it. It does not look like a trashy website which is loud and garish. Instead it looks really posh and simple. It looks well organized and gives off a very seductive and sultry vibe.

The website designers have done a fantastic job at making the website. It is the colors also that contribute to the vibe of the page. The colors used are black and gold. The black is used in the background and there are glimpses of gold that can be seen. The gold is mainly used for the font. The colors are very elegant and make the website stand out.

As soon as you enter the website you will see a video which auto plays and has bits of the videos present on the website compiled together to give you a peek into what is in store for you. That video itself is going to pique your interest and is definitely going to turn you on. There are links to different parts of the website that are available on the page so that you can easily navigate through the entire page with absolute ease.

Chicks & Vids

JoyBear is a British website which is known to provide you with experiences like never before. They make everything seem so sensuous an erotic even when the women are still fully clothed. The way they managed to capture scenes where one breast is spilling out of the bra with its nipple fully erect waiting to be taken into the mouth and sucked, while the other breast is still hidden under this really kinky lacy lingerie, is stunning. Even this luscious woman goes down on her man, just feeling his manhood and caressing it while using her mouth to stimulate the rest of his body is truly something to witness. I am sure that it is going to have anyone who is watching the video touching and pleasuring themselves.

They have people kissing, holding and fondling each other, taking their time with each other, turning each other on and still disrobing as slowly as possibly. And just because they have a lot of sensual scenes in the videos doesn’t mean that there is nothing for men. There is a whole lot of cock sucking and deep throating, these women certainly have some skill, which defies all biology. All the videos on their website are in high definition. You can either download these videos, which are again in extremely high quality at 1920×1080 in the mp4 format and when you stream these videos are again at 1920 x 1080; 6000k; streaming. The pictures that are made available are cap shots from the videos itself. They have over 149 movies that you can stream and download. They update their site about twice a month with new brilliant content.

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Bottom Line

Their line up of men and women put together is fantastic. Since they make porn with story lines, they bring something different to the table. And they have everything that you could possibly want. It’s a great website with high-end production that men women and even couples looking to spice up their life will enjoy. Subscribe to them and get yourself a real sweet treat.


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