KarupsPc Review

Website Overview

Some sites have names that sound familiar to you, but you actually do not know where you have heard of them. Some are that much familiar that you could remember in just a second, like KarupsPc, which stands for Karup’s Private Collection, of porn, no less. This site has over 10 years dealing with professional porn, and you will get to see so much great content, hardcore and otherwise, just by joining this lovely paradise of porn. Go right ahead and check it out.

Site’s Qualities

There is a lot to see on this paradise, and you will start noticing things right from the start, as you set your sights on the home page, where many great looking girls will meet you. Not only that, but you will get to see a well designed page, where everything is right where it should be, and where everything looks absolutely great, from the sliding image at the top of the page, to the previews below. The site is full of great colors, mostly yellow and its darker shades like orange and the like.

The site’s previews are full of captions and photos, so you will never miss out on a single update, and you will always know what is to happen in the videos, regardless of their nature, whether they are hardcore or softcore. Besides the previews, the members of the site get some extra perks, most of which come straight away, and are noticeable as soon as you join. You will be able to see the site and enjoy its content, and because of the optimization. The bandwidth is really smooth, so everything will run really fast, especially on the mobile devices. With sorting options and a search bar, finding the videos will be as easy as clicking a button or two.

Chicks & Vids

A site like this one, a site that has over 10 years of professional experience is a site that you will love, simply because it has many great things to offer you, from its models, to the videos, to the photos themselves. There are many categories here, all of which will give you that pleasure that you might have wanted, the great pleasure of viewing great looking girls in action. Some of them love masturbation, nothing else than to play with their dildo and with their pussy. Others, however, love to spend their time with someone else, to make that company better by being involved with another guy, or sometimes, with another girl. They not only love fucking, but many other things, all of which you will get to see upon joining this site.

I love the fact that there are many categories here, from exotic girls, to mature ones, to those fresher, to the amateur ones. The content is also great, as the videos are in HD, at the least, and the pictures are also of a high quality. This site has over 4300 videos, and it is updated 6 times a week, which means that they have a lot of porn. Just add to that the 12000 and more galleries, with 90 pictures in each, and the fact that they are all downloadable, and you have a site that you are unlikely to resist, ever. Different formats are available, like the MP4 and the WMV, and the ZIP for the photos.

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Bottom Line

Join this collection of amazing looking women and men in some of the best hardcore and softcore videos that the world has ever seen. This site is called KarupsPc and here you will find a mix of everything, and over 10 years of professional porn making experience.


  • 1 month $29.85
  • 3 months $22.85/month
  • 6 months $16.25/month
  • 1 year $13.25/month

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