LatinaFuckTour Review

Website Overview

Catch up with dynamic Latina sex and beauty on LatinaFuckTour. We all know what the Latinas have to bring to the porn table. Yet, there is nothing we have seen that compares accurately with the intense Latina sex, beauty parade, and sheer style that LatinaFuckTour provides for its viewers.

Site’s Qualities

The home page invited me to a host of user tools and navigation tweaks. I must say that at the end of it all I had the mind to pat the designers on the back. Apart from the drop-down menu that affords you a quick glimpse at the available services, there are content tags and thumbnails to click and sail to the movie zone. I was impressed to learn of the user rating that allows you to check out the flicks based on their popularity. I could also click on content tags and check out videos that I wished to sample.

Users have a choice to subscribe to any of the three options, i.e. monthly, three months and six months interval subscriptions. Mobile users have been enabled to access and enjoy the porn entertainment too. I could stream on the go and relax as clear flicks rolled open before my eyes on my mobile phone. A friend with a tablet also loved to visit this platform on her tablet. The streaming experience on a tablet is commendable too.

If you like to have your services exclusively set up for you, you must be lucky with LatinaFuckTour because I enjoyed content that I have never seen anywhere else, or heard of before. I noticed that there is an update every 6 days or so. It would be unfair if I concluded this review without mentioning the unique Flash player qualities that helped me check out the videos on the fly. I could forward and rewind the videos as I wished. The embedded Player is effective and fast. Users can also access content on Anal Fuck.

Chicks & Vids

If you crave for kinky sex and wish to watch some hot stuff from the really creative Latina cuties, LatinaFuckTour might be your answer. The cuties on LatinaFuckTour come from Columbia, Mexico, Chile, Honduras and other places in South America. You are treated to amateur sex videos made at home but come with a special quality that keeps you glued to the screen, once you touch the play button.

Considering the way the videos are made, I must give a “thumbs up” to the content managers. It is rare to find home-made videos with such finesse. Although you will still feel the lighting hitches and glitches that are common with this type of content, you will appreciate the fact that the camera skills are commendable. The focus is steady and strategic. The videos capture the girls in the most exciting of encounters.

If you wish to sample a range of sex stunts featuring Latina cuties, LatinaFuckTour is a valid choice. I have never seen so many Latina cuties with tight boobs, pointed nipples and gyrating bums in one place. If you love having some lesbian action thrown into the bowl of hardcore heterosexual action, try out LatinaFuckTour. I was stirred to the max by the way the girls get down with each other: kissing, humping, squeezing, fingering each other and more. If ebony sex ticks you, then you have more reason to explore on Latina Fuck Tour. There is a reasonable amount of content to keep you entertained for a while. There are 65 videos to sample. Each of the videos plays for an average of 20 minutes. The videos can be watched in MP4 and Flash player formats.

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Bottom Line

You have a lot of steamy ebony and interracial sex to keep you hooked. There are no galleries but the videos on the primary platform, on the bonus site and the extras provided give you some good content to savor for many hours.


  • 1 month $29.95
  • 3 months $19.98/month
  • 6 months $16.66/month

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