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Website Overview

There’s no denying the fact that porn plays such a big part when it comes to relieving ourselves from the occasional sexual cravings we get. Guys, girls, everyone of every freaking gender and classification watches or has watched porn whether they would like to admit it or not. I know you did, because if you say you don’t watch porn then you’re not even supposed to be in this page on the first place. So yeah, back at our topic. Porn is great and I think everyone agrees with me on that particular remark. However, our views will start to differ when it comes to appearances. If I’m gonna ask you, how do you like your girls? Do you want them all pretty and girly girl? Do big tits make your dick hard? How about girls with tight vagina and ass? Do they need to be always down to fuck? Or they have to love rough sex? If I was successful to list down some of your dream slut characters then today is your lucky day buddy!. No, sadly I am not gonna set you up with someone. But I still have something that I know you will like. If girls with big tits and a down to fuck attitude when it comes to rough sex is your thing, then LeyaFalcon got you covered. Specializing in different types of sex, this particular porn website is slowly but steadily gaining fame. From girls having their pussies filled up with cream from a big black cock up to all out lesbian sex doesn’t excite you enough then I suggest you go to the side itself to see what else they have to offer and I guarantee that you’ll be surprised (… and that your dick will also get hard in no time at all … mine did … just saying).

Site’s Qualities

The moment you land on the site, you’ll be able to read something that will surely turn you on. Leya Falcon prides herself to be one of those very rare bitches that like it rough. From getting fucked anally by a bareback big black cock up to having all of her holes filled with cum from different men, Ms. Falcon surely doesn’t mind at all. Once you end up on the main page itself, you will get the basic information you need to know about Leya herself. How she is an all American lady that loves big cocks, the fact that she’s only 28 years old and many other things. Since the site itself is connected to PUBA, it’s more than obvious that when you sign up for you’ll get tons of freebies. I haven’t unlocked yet all the possible perks of being a member because I am not a member … yet …sad to say, but from what I can see, if you’re planning to be a member then you’re in for a treat. Why? Dude, you will get unlimited access to all of the other associated porn sites! How great is that?. Aside from that, you’ll also get to see all of her full videos land pictures that will surely get you Cumming within the first 20 seconds of touching yourself. Aside from that, you’ll also get to receive daily updates and exciting news from Leya herself. And of course, let’s not forget the free pass to the live shows of all porn stars that works for the site. If you’re not interested yet then just sit back because I still have lots of things to tell you.

Chicks & Vids

According to her site, Leya Falcon, the lead model, and owner, was born in Las Vegas, Nevada. This granted her the ‘American Beauty’ that we all love. Aside from her, there are also a handful of other female models that I’m sure you’ll be interested in. What I like about this porn site is that they promote diversity in the sexiest way possible. There are tons of scenes where Leya is having lesbian sex with Latinas, black beauties, and even Asians. So yes, there’s pretty much a girl for your liking. If you’re having to wonder about the quality of the videos and pictures then, believe me, you have NOTHING to worry about. All the scenes and pics featured on this site are in high definition. They look so good in the eyes, I mean … very pleasant. Yes, that’s the word. While I was searching the thumbnails of the scenes and albums they have, there’s a particular one that caught my attention. Right at the bottom left of the page, you’ll see the one where Leya is standing behind a very sexy black woman. The blonde bombshell is undressing the latter while she is being fingered by her. I can’t explain it properly but it’s definitely hot. That made me want to register, and I will. Aside from that, there’s also a thumbnail of a scene in which Leya has a Harley Quinn. And boy she looks a lot like her. If a porn star version of Harley Quinn is not enough for you to get hard then you have to see what else she’s doing at that moment. Leya Falcon aka Harley Quinn is taking a huge cock up in her ass, there’s also this other one where she is shown cum drenched while holding the same big black cock near her mouth. And she did it with a smile, if that’s not hero worthy then I don’t know what is.

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Bottom Line

All in all, I definitely recommend this site to anyone who is wishing to find an awesome sight that has a lot of amazing things in it. Believe it or not, this site excites me a lot. And I don’t know about you but I will be a member, this one is too amazing to ignore. If you’re looking for new porn videos you can jack off to or watch while you’re having sex with your partner then this is the one.


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