LezKiss Review

Website Overview

Kissing and tongue-sucking has never been sweeter. Meet the sexy hot lesbian pornstars of Lezkiss. The landing page invites you with scenes of numerous girls deep in French kisses. As at the time of this review I was ogling at Frida and Ana, and wondering what lies below their torsos. You can bet I didn’t stop there. Stay with me and have a share of my escapade. I can promise you a pre-session overdose because I suspect you won’t resist checking the girls out once you read through this review.

Site’s Qualities

The site has a clear layout that allows users to flip through scenes in the order they were added. There is also the option of choosing where to start from their glossary list. My navigation was quick and easy. The landing page starts of with some impressive action. There are numerous kissing scenes that help one set the mood for ogling at the beautiful models as they do their thing. You get all romance stunts here. I visually experienced plenty of ass-kissing, necking, some cunnilingus and more. There is plenty of description of the scenic encounters of several of the models in vivid perspective. The narratives are punctuated with photos of the models in practical action. The site does not restrict users on the number of downloads they can make within their valid membership period. This is quite generous. Many other sites would put a sealing on the maximum. Members have a range of payment options. Apart from bitcoin, most of their payment options such as JCB, Discover, Diner, VISA and MasterCard are fairly older and common payment methods.

Chicks & Videos

My first stop was a brief encounter with Frida and Anna. Thereafter, I moved on to watch Zafira and Kathia in the sac. They made fondling and kissing such a captivating ritual and literally stole my time. I particularly enjoyed the session in the bath tub. Some more nipple jobs and humping sent my head spinning and my body out of control. When I came to, I discovered I wasn’t very far from cumming. Take my advice not to watch these pairs the whole time if your mate isn’t physically close enough to absorb the energy you will generate. The models are expert at what they do. They all take notice of your presence and occasionally look you straight in the eye and appear to wink. I was especially impressed at the way some of the models act extremely relaxed and at ease with the world around them. I couldn’t help but envy them on occasion. As I took the tour through the site, I noticed that the site aims at providing viewers something different. There is a clear emphasis on kissing. I must confess I also learnt a thing or two on the various romantic kissing positions. There is an impressive repertoire of video files; most of which are shot professionally as they are crystal clear and in HD. You don’t have to squint trying to figure out any part of the action Play the clips in WMV AND MP4 and MV4. Download as May as you want or stream them online with their in-browser flash player. The clips featured are some of the longest porn video clips I’ve seen on lesbian porn sites. You are privileged with a whooping 40 minute playtime for each of the 100 video scenes. There are over 100 such clips that are frequently updated. There are over 106 galleries available for viewership by the members. Each of the galleries contains at least 100 pics.

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Bottom Line

The site offers a special treat to the lesbian porn lovers and those who get a strong kick from kissing. It is a well planned out gig whose prospects are upward looking. Remember, you can download the pics and videos without restrictions once you subscribe.


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  • 3 months $59.95

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