LovelyCheerleaders Review

Site Overview

LovelyCheerleaders porn site is a hot fresh girls porn site that has a lot of awesome treats for everyone. It has fresh girls hardcore videos that are also accompanied with dazzling photo sets for you to enjoy. It is different from other fresh girls xxx sites because of its sweet and gorgeous selection of models dressed up as energetic girls.

Site’s Qualities

When we talk about the amateur girls in LovelyCheerleaders porn site, the first thing that would pop in your mind are glittery poms, posh nail polish and revealing skirts, right? So before I got into the site, LovelyCheerleaders, I was expecting it to be shining and shimmering, like a candy magazine. But no, it wasn’t. I was quite surprised to see it in its simplest form, with a minimalist color scheme and a very organized layout. It’s not a bad thing though and in fact, I loved it. It’s a good thing that the site keeps things neat and orderly, most especially since they have a wide array of photos and videos.

In the site’s collections, you will notice how the photos are arranged neatly and so are the videos. The site also has a lot of sorting options that you can choose from. Photos and videos can be arranged according to dates, according to the number of ratings, according to the number of views, according to title, which is in alphabetical format, and according to update. There are, of course, a handful of these options that you can find in the site’s sidebar.

Below it, you can find a list of categories. You can also use this to filter the displayed videos in your screen. If you select a category from the list, the site will search the entire contents looking for those videos that are tagged with the one you selected. Then, the page loads and will display the videos that matched the query. If you have more specific items in mind, you can save yourself some time and use the advanced search bar instead. This is the fastest way to search through the site.

The site also has a pagination if you feel like looking at pages after another. All these sorting and browsing features are indeed very helpful since the site has more than 300 videos and 350 photo sets in its collection. The sorting and browsing features will lend you a hand when browsing through this large collection if you want to make the most out of it.

The site also has a good navigation menu, which is located on the uppermost part of the site. It consists of the home button, the movies button, the pictures button, the feeds button, the find sex partner button, and a link to the bonus sites. Each of the menu buttons is fairly easy to understand what it is all about but there is indeed some pretty interesting stuff that will surely catch your attention, the feeds button and find sex partner button for example.

The feeds button will take you to the live feeds section of the site where you can find some interesting action to keep you horny. Then, if you want to take it to the next level, the site has a feature where you can find a sex partner. It’s similar to a dating site but here, your intentions are clear that you only want sex and nothing more.

Aside from these awesome features, the site’s membership also includes a couple more free sites that you can visit. These sites are also as hardcore as LovelyCheerleaders and in these sites, you will not only see horny sluts but a whole different bunch of horny models and some new exciting things that they do to fulfill their lust. Moving on, the site has good quality contents too.

There are a couple of high definition videos in WMV and MP4 file types. The dimension of the videos vary but the highest that you can get is 1920×1080 with a bitrate of 4000k. The videos can be downloaded and streamed, it depends on your preference. Either of the two works perfectly. The flash player is large enough with a smooth playback, a three to six seconds buffer and allows users to skip to different portions of the video. The photos are also as good as the videos. The most recent pictures have a dimension of 1500×1100 but the old ones have a dimension of 800×600.

Chicks & Vids

There are a lot of girls to choose from in this site. All of them look very hot and alluring in their revealing colorful shirts and shorts. The girls look amateur but based on their performance, I don’t think they are just newbies in this business. They can frolic and tease you, which essentially helps in building up the intensity of the scenes. Then later on, they start stripping their clothes off which makes the scene more erotic.

There are three kinds of porn that you can see here. There’s hardcore girl to boy sex, there’s girl to girl sex and then there’s solo sex. Any of the three also works perfectly because these girls can manage any situations given to them. In some of the scenes, you will not only see large throbbing cocks but there are also vibrators and dildos that are helping these girls out. If you want to take a break from hardcore scenes, LovelyCheerleaders also offers softcore scenes.

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Bottom Line

LovelyCheerleaders can give you everything that you wanted in one blow. This is a really good site with great user interface, an awesome collection of photos and videos with gorgeous models, a wide array of bonus sites, and extra features. This is definitely a good site to recommend and one of the “must have” sites in your list. You will certainly enjoy the thrillingly erotic videos from these lovely vixens if you subscribe to LovelyCheerleaders now.

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