MentalPass Review

Website Overview

One of the most interesting porn networks is MentalPass, the parent site of a bunch of diverse porn sites specializing in various niches. The specialty of MentalPass network is that it has roped in the most beautiful, gorgeous and sultriest Czech chicks from all over Europe. Not just Czech, but there are bitches from other European countries such as France and Italy too. What sets MentalPass network apart is its focus on some of the most wonderful niches such as BDSM, lesbian, amateur homemade porn, fetish and casting porn, and these niches are spread across 9 sites, including 3 VR based porn sites.

Rarely do porn networks boast of such diverse porn niches as MentalPass does. Unlike mainstream porn sites, MentalPass is not a porn site, but provides links to its member sites, such as AmateurSexTeens, GynoViolations, CzechGFs, CZasting, LesbianPickUps, BitchStop, CzechVR, CzechVRFetish and CzechVRCasting. We shall look at what these sites offer in the girls and videos section later in this review. To know more about MentalPass, we urge you to read this review which will give you a clear idea of how this amazing site can help you attain your whims and fancies. You will love MentalPass because it has so much to offer you in terms of porn contents and the girls featured.

Site’s Qualities

MentalPass has a very simple and elegant design, and this is evident from the colour scheme, the layout of the member sites, the placement of various links, the description of the sites, and everything in-between. MentalPass has used a great colour combination including black, golden yellow, white, red, and grey. Black forms a major part of the background, with a dark shade of grey used in patches, to show the logo of MentalPass in the centre of the header, and to place the information about the sites with the homepage and a brief description.

The header can be divided into two subdivisions, the stats section and the logo section. The site’s stats include 772 videos, and 411 girls. This is a truly large library for a site like MentalPass. The logo of MentalPass is placed in the centre of the logo section. Mental is has a metallic golden colour, and pass is seen in white. A one-line note about MentalPass is seen below this logo section. The sites, as mentioned above, are laid against a dark grey box, over the black background. The boxes have the homepage of the site towards the left, with a brief description of the site to the right. The title of the site is also mentioned above the description.

To the bottom right, there is a yellow Visit Website box, which, on clicking, will take you the specific site in question. The boxes are laid out in a list format, which will allow you to get to the site of your choice without spending any effort. The list starts with BitchStop, and ends with CzechVRCasting. Each site has its own unique colour, with red used for BitchStop, CzechVRFetish, GzechGFs, and GynoViolations. Purple is used for CZasting and CzechVRCasting. Orange and dark pink are used for LesbianPickUps and AmateurSexTeens, while indigo is used for CzechVR. Such unique differentiation within the network is awesome, as it allows users to relate the site to a colour.

Above the list, there are two link boxes, one for Member Login and the other for Join Now. Member Login has a light red colour with white text, while the Join Now link box is white with black text. One can also follow MentalPass on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. Subscription is easy and affordable, giving you three membership options, a monthly, quarterly and a half-yearly plan. Choose the half-yearly plan to avail of 43% discount, a cool amount to give you significant savings.

Chicks & Vids

Since MentalPass is a network, you will only find the links to the member sites. Let’s check out what each site specializes in, and why MentalPass is such a wonderful site and is keenly followed by members worldwide. BitchStop is an amazing site which features amateur chicks, reluctantly hitching a ride, with horny studs. The catch is the studs are looking to fuck an amateur bitch to relieve their tension in their dicks. Traveling in the car on a lonely road can never be more interesting. In a similar vein, LesbianPickUps also specializes in real lesbian hitchhikers, who get seduced and fucked by a kinky seductress.

AmateurSexTeens and CzechGFs focus on amateur sluts getting fucked by older guys and showing off their exquisite bodies in homemade porn respectively. AmateurSexTeens is a hardcore site, showing off intense fucking of these bitches in various kinky places, as they seek the thrill of fucking an older guy. CzechGFs offers sluts who love to surprise their boyfriends with horny videos of them masturbating and using sex toys to stimulate themselves. Taking selfie-videos, CzechGFs is a site you should never miss out.

CZasting and CzechVRCasting are two casting sites featuring fresh and nubile amateurs looking to get casted as a famous model. These sluts are interviewed by horny and mature men, who want to experience the joy of fucking amateur and fresh bitches. GynoViolations and CzechVRFetish are two immensely popular BDSM and fetish porn sites respectively. GynoViolations features bitches going for a gyno exam and getting used as a slave, dominated and fucked to please their masters. CzechVRFetish is an insanely fetish site, providing you with fisting, pissing, pumping, clamping and other kinky fetishes that these sluts love to experience. CzechVR is a VR based porn site specializing in hardcore sex featuring amateurs, MILFs and matures. All VR based porn sites require you to use a VR gear.

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Bottom Line

It must be mentioned that MentalPass is a truly amazing porn site, and gives you all opportunities to enjoy a great jerk-off session. In fact, the jerk-off session will not just be great, it will be out of this world. Subscription is affordable and reasonable, for it will not burn a hole in your pocket. There’s diversity of porn sites, contents, videos, and girls, and with 700+ videos, thousands of photos and hundreds of girls at your disposal, why should you go anywhere else?


  • 1 month $24.95
  • 3 months $49.95
  • 6 months $84.95

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