MileHighMedia Review

Website Overview

Mile High Media is tweaked with a variety of movies from various studious. The motive seems to leer towards providing you with a one stop-porn-shop for a wide variety of entertainment. There are various sex videos including bisexual, lesbian, masturbation, swinging, couple sex and more.

Site’s Qualities

Mile High Media features an attractive background hue that looks something between white and cloudy blue. There is an impressive sense of organization and layout here. Well, let me start by highlighting the fact that you are reading a review about a site that made me look long and hard to find any fault. I guess I lost myself in the excitement a little, but I remember that I wanted to tell you about the user experience to expect on Mile High Media. There is an impressive attempt at making the platform the most user friendly porn site you will visit. There are various tools for easy navigation. There is a list of tagged images that are gleaned from the actual scenes. Clicking on any of these scenes splattered on the home page leads you straight to the actual movies. You also have a model browsing section on which you can explore the specific scenes featuring your favorite models. There is a sorting feature that helps you search for the content by various criteria. I could search for content by the date of update, the most popular scenes, ratings and more. The categories list allowed me to check out, at a glance, what the site has to offer, and boy! wasn’t I overwhelmed with the variety and the sheer display of class and swag by the designers. I could check out the content on the site with my mobile device whenever I wished. The content loads impressively fast. I t had lots of fresh content to watch every time I logged into my account; since the videos are updated frequently. Streaming was a smooth and memorable experience for me.

Chicks & Vids

You are presented with some of the hottest girls on the porn scene. I loved the choice of models that are captured in various sex scenes on Mile High Media. There is virtually everything any porn fan needs from sex entertainment. I was pushed to the deep end of sex action by a pair of lesbian hotties who, not only sport hot features but have a way of making you easily cum in your pants. These girls are attractive by all means. They look straight into the camera and then smile and wink in the most titillating ways. The pair gets into a steamy encounter with each other on what looks like a couch. They are all tall blondes that could pass for hotties at a beauty pageant. The site is a robust platform with much more to admire than abhor; even for the worst skeptic. I mean, all the videos are HD. All the pics are in high res. You are presented with the greatest variety in terms of the sex entertainment preferences. They have, quite, a lot of exclusive content. In my count, I got to around 730 exclusive videos. You have over 729 videos to savor on Mile High Media. There are DVDs included in this lot too. Each of the scenes plays for 1.5 hours. The files are presented in quality formats including WMV, MP4, and Flash Player. If you wish to tone down the heat in watching many tempting, fast lane, videos, you can check out over 4, 695 galleries. I have no clue when you will be through checking these out, but you asked for it. There is even a zip file available.

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Bottom Line

After checking out a good chunk of content on Mile High Media, I concluded that this is the hottest porn spot ever. What with the great variety, great and gorgeous girls making you cum every so often! The videos and pics are impeccable. Do I need to tell you to try this out!


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  • 1 month $9.95
  • 3 months $29.98/month
  • 1 year $11.66/month

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