MyBangVan Review

Website Overview

MyBangVan is an adult entertainment site that will change the way that you look at road trips and hitchhiking, it is not the same old boring “driving across the country” type of road trip or the “drop me off the nearest town” type of hitchhiking, but this one involves party, orgy and outdoor sex and public flashing. This site brings you the wild side of what we see as the norm, and nothing is hotter than watching someone get the best sex of their lives while riding a complete stranger’s motor home.

Site’s Qualities

MyBangVan has a very simple yet direct approach to their viewers. With their background and set up of the site, it automatically shows you what goes down inside the motor home that goes around town to pick up women to have hot and wild group sex. They feature about 9 of their hottest, most viewed and most talked about scenes with a brief summary posted above the racy pictures of the scenes in the videos.

The contents on the site are updated every Saturday and all of their videos are of the highest quality, once you sign up as a member of the site you will be able to watch and download about 30,000 hardcore porn videos and about thousands of high resolution pictures that can be adjustable in size. All of their videos are also convertible to match the device that you have, it could be transferred to an mp4, an Android phone, an IPhone or a tablet. They also have a fast streaming option for those who wants to watch the videos on their personal computers.

Once you become a member of the site you will be able to view their other hardcore adult entertainment site such as CrazyMonsterCock, which is for those who love to watch girls getting drilled by massive dicks; PornOnStage, if you want to watch girl getting banged in places like bars, pubs, disco dance floors and showrooms; WildGroupSex, for those who are into gangbangs and orgies; FuckOnStreet, for those who loves exciting outdoor sex; GrandpaLove, for those who likes to watch old men get some pussy action and so much more. Every video and every site offered by MyBangVan will satisfy your every craving.

Chicks & Vids

What makes this site different from the rest is that they do not go with the usual “sex inside the bedroom with the camera on” route; they are the ones who go around town with about 3 to 4 horny men, picking up sexy and beautiful girls that they can have sex with. In one of their videos they were driving around looking for a girl to pick up to have some fun with when they spotted a girl named Isabella who had been dumped by her boyfriend and left alone at the local gas station, she was trying to hitch a ride when they saw her and offered to drive her home. She went with them and, as soon as they started moving, the guys also started to make their moves on her, they talked and the told her that they go around and find women to bang, she then thought about her boyfriend who dumped her and thought that it will be a sort of revenge to have sex with 3 men, so she agreed and they started kissing and stripping. She then gave each man a blowjob and a handjob, until one of them went behind her and inserted his cock into her wet pussy; all of her holes were filled as each guy fucked her, one in the ass, and one in her pussy and the other one in her mouth. They then shot their cum in her mouth afterwards, so that when she went back home she was totally over her boyfriend.

Another video showed them looking for a girl to have an orgy with and, while they were at the train station, they saw a girl name Crystal who looked lost and asking for a spare change to get a ride, they then offered to give her a ride for free in their motor home. As she was telling them the reason why she was carrying all her stuff she showed them what her boyfriend did and the reason why she left, then she eventually took her top off to let them take a better look at it. One of the guys got so turned on seeing her perfect breasts and perky nipples that he started touching and caressing her tits. They then asked her to show them more and she took her clothes out of the way, then she sat back down. She saw one of the guys who was older than the others stroking his cock and she was surprised to see how long and thick it was. They then encouraged her to touch it and help him stroke it and wake it up, hesitant at first, but she felt the urge to touch it herself and curiosity got the best of her as she wondered what it would taste like. Another guy beside her took his pants off and showed his massive cock, feeling excited and horny she stroke both of them at the same time, making both of them hard and, as they reached their full size, she took them by the mouth, and as she was giving the other guy a blowjob, the other one pounded her from behind. She then rode the older guy as the other 2 guys sucked and licked her bouncing tits, she was able to go around the three and made them cum. They then released their load on her breasts and gave her a facial or as they called it on the video, a creampie.

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Bottom Line

Watching the videos of MyBangVan will make you want to go on road trips yourself, their ideas are new and each video is different from the other, making it exciting to watch. Each of their videos are well thought of and the scenarios are the ones that we all familiar with but what makes it a whole lot better is them adding a twist to it, their contents are worth watching over and over.


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